Indigo-3G Carbs Transition


Hi Chris,

Thanks for reading! Today is the last day of the 2 week V-Diet/Pulse Fast and I’m going to start Indigo in a few weeks. Here’s what I’ve planned as the transition period to ramp up to the carbs, I was hoping you could give your thoughts?

This week - V-Diet shake for breakfast and lunch, FINiBAR and SWF/MAG-10 for training days, HSM w/ veggie carbs for dinner.
Next week - V-Diet shake for breakfast, add in HSM for lunch (veggie carbs) and rice/potato with dinner on training days.
Week 3 - Add in HSM for breakfast w/ veggie carbs (omelette or similar), add oats/rice with lunch on training days.
Week 4 - Indigo w/ carbs every meal

The 2 week V-Diet/Pulse Fast was a little tough at times but has worked exactly as I hoped it would, and I think I’m now lean enough to really make the most of Indigo and see solid muscle gains.

Thank you very much!


Sounds like a solid plan! Looks like you have it covered. Keep me posted.