Indigo-3G, Carb Intake, and Intermittent Fasting

I’m at current 210lbs and 5 foot 8

Been doing intermittent fasting for 2 weeks and counting and just ordered the Indigo-3G.

So all this while, i maintain my protein intake @ least 210grams a day but less than 100g carbs.

My training time is usually in the evening around 5-6pm for 2 hours duration. Training 6 days a week doing push/pull/legs twice a week.

1.So when I start my Indigo-3G supplementation, what should I need to change ?

  1. Carbs intake during workout, I read in one of the articles that during workout I should be consuming at least 100g of carbs ? what IF i am currently sipping on Amino/BCAA during workout ?

  2. Do I need to stop Intermittent Fasting and just return to my normal eating routine ? I usually have lunch as my biggest meal of the day.

Not sure which article that was, but 100g carbs during a training session would definitely be on the high end for most lifters. 100g a day, total, is a more common approach.

Ideally you do want some fast-acting carbs in your workout nutrition. Of all the times of the day, prioritizing carb intake immediately around workouts is most important. You’ll perform better, you’ll be able to train harder and longer, and your recovery will be easier. Especially if you’re training for two hours at a time. What do those workouts look like, anyway?

Instead of just BCAAs, Surge Workout Fuel would be a step up, with a good hit of leucine (the most important of the BCAAs), carbs that your body can put to use right away, and a few other nutrients for better recovery and performance.

You don’t necessarily have to stop IF. Just have Indigo-3G before that big meal. The label says a half-hour before dinner, but that can be tweaked to a half-hour before the biggest meal of the day (lunch, in your case).

So which means the more carbs I consume during workouts will help me perform better while I’m on indigo 3g . Do I need to measure how much carbs I needed or just hit up as much carbs as I can ?

Not necessarily “the more, the better”. Like, drinking 250g carbs during training isn’t going to guarantee an awesome training session. But more-than-zero carbs during training can definitely help things.

So if you have like 30, 60, or 80 grams of fast-acting carbs immediately before and/or during a workout, you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to train with more volume and/or intensity.

Yep. That’s why workout nutrition like Surge Workout Fuel is a good way to go. Start sipping one scoop a bit before the workout, finish the rest during the session, and you’re set. But since you’re training for two hours at a time six days a week (which is a lot, probably too much, actually), then you’d be fine using two scoops because you’re doing so much “stuff” in a session.

This article talks about a few more reasons why it’s good to have carbs, especially around training:

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