Indigo-3G® Best Practices

beerman1934 asks:

I have been a customer since 2012 and have been purchasing Indigo-3G® off and on basically since its release (although I was not a participant in “The Indigo Project”). At the beginning there were very specific dosing recommendations for Indigo-3G® and certain foods/beverages to stay away from (i.e., green tea). I don’t really see any of this mentioned anymore. It is still a very expensive supplement and I want to get the most out of every capsule. Can you please reply with a refresher on the “best practices” for taking Indigo 3G®?

The formula has been improved since it first came out years ago, so the original recommendation to take it twice a day is outdated and hasn’t been recommended for quite a while.

The current label reflects the best way to use it:

The idea about avoiding concentrated antioxidants like green tea is a little bit less of a concern because of the current, more potent formula. Having a few hours buffer between them is ideal and the safest route to be doubly sure to avoid interfering in Indigo-3G’s effectiveness, but as long as you’re not taking them at the exact same time, like washing down the Indigo caps with green tea, wine, or Superfood, you should be fine.

But it’s very unlikely you’d be doing that anyway if you follow the suggested dosing protocol (taking Indigo before training or before dinner). So, moral of the story: If you stick with what it says on the label, you’re all set.

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