Indigo-3G® Before Dinner or Workout

Michael asks:

For Indigo-3G®… I workout 2-3 hrs after dinner almost on a daily basis. The label says to take either 30 mins before dinner or before workout supplementation. Will it still benefit me if I always take it before dinner 2-3 hrs before I hit the gym, or would it be better to take it with my preworkout everytime?

If you pretty much always eat dinner and then train 2-3 hours after that, then taking it before dinner should be okay.

It’d depend a little on what you’re eating (the macro breakdown, since it sounds like dinner is the pre-workout meal), but Indigo-3G stays in your system working and delivering its nutrient partitioning benefits for generally six hours, so your workout would still be well within that window, figuring you don’t have long, drawn-out two-hour meals.

On days you don’t lift, obviously still take it before dinner. On any days that you happen to lift at a different time, take it before the workout.

Regardless, I’d still make sure you have some fast-acting workout nutrition to really optimize its benefits and have some quality nutrients to shuttle around the body. Plazma is the best of the best on that front. This article has a bunch of into explaining why just solid food before training doesn’t get the job done nearly as well.

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