Indigo-3G & Ashwagandha/Mucuna?

I pretty sure it’s ok to take Indigo-3G with tribulus. But I was unsure about ashwagandha and mucuna?

The main things to avoid, or at least not have at the exact same time as <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G, are quercetin and other compounds like anthocyanins and anthocyanidins that can either inhibit or diminish the effects of C3G.

I did a quick search on ashwagandha and mucuna and didn’t see anything that raised an eyebrow, but you may want to double-check me.

Thanks Chris

Question for Chris. I’m on maintenance dose Indigo and want to start taking TRIBEX. But I’ve been researching tribulus terrestris and I’m reading that it actually contains quercitin. is the information im reading incorrect? I think I’ve read that you said it’s ok to take Alpha Male at the same time as indigo. Just trying to cover my bases. Thanks in advance.

Some species of tribulus contain quercetin, but we’ve ever seen any interference. Even if Tribex contains a small amount, all you’d need to do is avoid taking Indigo-3G and Tribex at the exact time time, which is easy enough to do with maintenance dose Indigo-3G.

Cool, thanks.

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