Indigo 3G and Wine Observations

I’ve noticed that if I drink 2-4 glasses of wine two days in a row, my remaining fat stores seen to just “fill up” and look larger.
After two days of not drinking at all, the “filled up” look goes away and I look my svelte self again.
Since the Indigo is eliminating my stubborn fat areas, is it reasonable to assume that this won’t be a problem for me eventually?
I am taking my Indigo dose at least 3 hours before drinking.

It’s safe to say as long as you drink 2-4 glasses of wine per day, you will never be as lean, or healthy, as you’d like to be. Supplements are HELPFUL for sure, and Indigo is fantastic. But, they’re not miracle workers, they’re meant to assist an already consistent workout and nutrition regimen to get better results. To think that taking a pill will allow you to drink 2-4 glasses of wine consistently and have no physical effect would be unrealistic. It is also recommended to NOT consume alcohol while taking Indigo. Give these articles a read:

Good luck!

One of you responders said it was OK to have the wine 1 or 2 days a week as long as the Indigo-3G was taken at least 3 hours prior.
I do not drink everyday as no one needs to tell me that drinking is generally bad for the clean eating lifter.
My question remains, if the Indigo-3G does its job and my stubborn fat disappears, would the occasional glass of wine recreate the stubborn fat areas?

Occasional, no.

When you write “wine once or twice a week”, it will depend on if you mean A glass of wine once or twice a week, or 4 glasses of wine once or twice per week. An occasional glass of wine, probably not, as Bill said. An occasional 4 glasses of wine, you may see some bloat or physical effects for a day or two, just like a cheat meal.

Additionally, keep in mind that Indigo, above all, touts nutrient repartitioning. There’s some fat loss for sure, but Indigo is not a fat burner primarily. HOT-ROX may be more helpful for fat burning, accompanied with some more cardio.

Just wondering, why are you asking this question about wine and Indigo? If somehow you knew the answer was, “yes, regardless of what supplements you take you’ll always have some bloat effect from wine,” would you stop drinking wine, or would you not buy the Indigo?

I won’t stop buying the Indigo and have almost stopped the wine entirely. It’s just that when my wife is having some on the weekend, she wants me to drink too.
I want the best physique my body is capable of. I’m coming to realize that wine and cheat meals are like roadblocks to my goals.

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