Indigo-3G and Vertigo?


Hi there, I’ve been using Indigo 3G for about 1 month. I started getting dizziness/vertigo which lasted about 4 days after stopping it use. Then started it up again and in 1 week my vertigo is back. My blood pressure is on the low side but not unusual for me. Have you had any reports of this from other users?


Haven’t heard of that happening in the years Indigo has been around, but low blood pressure and insulin resistance can both play a role in vertigo/dizziness.

Were you changing your nutrition at the same time you used Indigo or was your diet consistent and only the Indigo added in?


Hi Chris, no I didn’t change my diet. Went to the doctor and blood pressure is very good. I’m not sure it was the Indigo – vertigo is gone after doing some excercises for it. I will phase back in the indigo after a while and see if it comes back again.

Thanks for following up with me, was curious if you had any other customer feedback related to vertigo/Indigo.