Indigo-3G and Ursolic Acid?

I was wondering if it would be okay to take both of these supplements concurrently. I found some primary literature finding some anti-oxidant properties of Ursolic Acid, but based on it’s structure, don’t think it compares to that of the compounds you’d want to avoid while taking Indigo 3-G. They both influence metabolic adaptations/body recompositioning effects through different enzymes/pathways, so I was hoping there would be a synergy in both. I would take 375mg of Ursolic acid, 125mg 3x/day, in a phospholipid delivery system to increase bioavailability. Any insight on this? I’ve taken Indigo 3-G at a full dose in the past for 16 weeks and am trying to get back into shape after 4 months of no gym and plan on taking 300-400mg/day (grad student budget).

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I havent expirience in this.

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