Indigo-3G and Tea Drinking

I have been using Indigo-3G since February 2015.I am confident that it has been good for me. But now I suspect it could have been much better.
Now I read that tea drinking negates much of the benefits of it.
Would it have been too much to post this information on the bottle or at least in the “view details” section about the product?
I feel that failure to disclose this vital point is a break in the trust I’ve placed in Biotest.
I certainly won’t be drinking iced tea anymore.
I hope that the tea/Indigo issue hasn’t been a problem for others.

[quote]Coltman wrote:
Now I read that tea drinking negates much of the benefits of it.[/quote]
That’s a misinterpretation of what’s going on. Some compounds that occur in tea and some fruit may interfere with Indigo when taken at the same time. As in, washing down the Indigo caps with tea, wine, or a spinach-kale smoothie.

There’s no need for an additional “warning” (which would likely confuse more people than it helped) when the product is used in accordance with the label recommendations - on an empty stomach a half-hour before dinner or before workout nutrition.

Fruit-vegetable concentrates (like Superfood), tea, wine, and other “contra-indicated” food/drink should be fine outside of those windows. Some people play it extra-super safe by still avoiding those products, but some people also use spotters for pull-ups. It probably won’t hurt, but it’s not “necessary”.

Sorry you feel that way and I can kinda see where you’re coming from, but you should understand the entire situation accurately before bringing the drama.

To be fair, over the last few months in various threads, you’ve said your progress on Indigo, Plazma, and Mag-10 has been “a jump to light speed”, “golden results”, you’ve dropped a “drape” of stubborn bodyfat from your low back, and workouts are “nothing short of amazing”.

Seriously, how much better do you think things could’ve been? It certainly doesn’t sound like you’ve been suffering any impaired results from drinking tea. I suggest you keep doing whatever you’ve been doing.

No need to get snarky.
Anyone who pursues their physical ideal would be disappointed to learn that something undisclosed might be slowing results.
I’m not stopping Indigo, Plazma, or MAG-10.
I think they are the best supplements I’ve ever used.

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