Indigo-3G and Sweet Tea

I’m in the habit of having some sweet tea with protein powder prior to training & sometimes sip it during. I also take Indigo -3G at the same time. My concern is that you say to avoid high concentrations of anti - oxidants like green tea pills & superfood near the time you take the Indigo -3G.
My question is this - Is a glass or 2 of tea enough to cause problems with the Indigo? should I drop the tea with my pre work out drink? I make my own tea with green teabags, drink a couple glasses through the day & it might be a little on the strong side. - Thanks

Ideally, there should be a “buffer” of time between the antioxidants and Indigo, especially if it’s strong brewed green tea which will have a higher concentration. A few hours would be playing it on the safest side.

In general too, you don’t really want antioxidants right around training time because it can negatively affect insulin sensitivity. This discusses it more: Tip: Avoid These Vitamins Before and After Training - Biotest

Thanks for the answer Chris
Would a different type of tea make a difference?