Indigo-3G and Other Supplements

tilla52 asks:

Can Indigo-3G be taken with other supplements? Pills and/powders? If not, how long should it be before you take them?

For best results, follow label directions. You can take Indigo-3G with most other supplements but avoid taking it at the same time as “greens” type supplements as these could interfere. Do not take with a protein shake, but rather 30 minutes prior.

Another Question: I like to get some type of “pick me up” before each training session. What do you recommend?
And can Indigo-3G be taken at the same time?


If you’re looking for a good kick-in-the-pants stimulant, go with one of the Spike supplements or Brain Candy (which adds a focus and mood elevation effect as well). All of these work great with Indigo-3G:

<a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy

<a href=""target=“new”>Spike Double Shot

<a href=""target=“new”>Spike Shotgun

<a href=""target=“new”>Spike Shooter

<a href=""target=“new”>Spike Tablets

How important is it to keep Indigo-3G in your system everyday? I understand that it says to take everyday.
Does this need to build up over time?
Only work when you take it?


It’s very important to use it daily.

It starts working immediately and does not need to “build up” over time.

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