Indigo-3G and Micro-PA Stack?


Can we stack both an hour before training? Or one or the other??..


Yep, no problem using those together an hour or so before training.

On non-training days, take the Indigo-3G before your biggest/highest carb meal of the day (usually dinner) and have the Micro-PA anytime (preferably with a pulse of Mag-10 after, as per label directions).


Thanks chris


Is it a problem to take Micro-PA with a whole food meal?


No, Micro-PA can be taken with or without food.


What about taking Micro-PA, Indigo-3G, and Carbolin-19 for both leaning out/cutting fat while preserving and gaining lean mas? Are those 3 safe to take together or counterproductive/overkill?


@Wakegirl I am on a contest prep and currently take all 3, no problem to stack them.


Thanks, Robstein.
I too am in contest prep, 9 weeks out, and am having some issue with cutting this time. Last time, my body cut so much better and quicker, while also maintaining my lean mass. I’m ALL for hard work, I crave it, actually, but I was looking for something that could just help me out.
Thank you for your advice! :0)


Awesome, best of luck! I’m coaching my wife for her first show, also just over 8 weeks out, she’s doing great. Her movement was going great for the first 11 weeks, then slowed for about 2 weeks. We’ve gotten a burst of movement lately by adding HOT-ROX, very helpful and I highly recommend switching out Carbolin-19 for HOT ROX at this point if you can. Also, we decided to dip down for 2 days and go total keto diet, then had a solid refeed on day 3. That really got things going again! Maybe something to consider.

Best of luck with the rest of your prep!


I have to admit, I have an amazing trainer. I hear the horror stories like: “I’m preparing for my show and I’m living on 900 calories with 2+ hour workouts!” My trainer has me on a Keto diet (Which I actually follow Keto pretty much year round) with a re-feed day once a week, so every 7 days. My trainer has me doing a 6 day split, again-that was based on MY preference, and HIIT cardio, 30 minutes (just bumped up from 20), 6 days a week, 1 day total rest. I’m eating about 1900 calories, a recent decrease from 2100. I have lost 10lbs, and reduced 5% BF in 5 weeks-I need to have measurements taken again this weekend.

I tried prepping last year for show but had some minor medical issues and had to have 2 surgeries. My weight really increased during that time period before the surgeries and i feel like it just took my body almost a year to truly fully recover-I was back in the gym just days post surgeries, but I think the bio-mechanics of my body, it just took a while to catch up and start playing nice! Lol! So although I’m overall, very pleased with my results I’m getting, I am 8 weeks out with 10% BF at least to lose and 20lbs. So I needed an “edge” and I won’t go with illegal substances, so I hope these products help.
Best of luck to both you and your wife in your upcoming competitions. I hope you both crush your competition!


Thank you very much, same to you!!!


I’m new here and I find the replies very helpful. Thank you.