Indigo-3G and Metformin

On T-Nation I’ve repeatedly read that Indigo-3G improves the glucose tolerance, much like the prescription drug Metformin.

Is Indigo-3G to be considered as the “supplement”-form of the Metformin “drug”?
Do they work the same way?

Anyone having experience that Indigo-3G could replace (substitute) Metformin for type2-diabetic patients?

The question inverted: could Metformin be as effective or more effective than Indigo-3G in athletes without diabetes for building muscle and losing fat?

Thinking of a plant-based supplement as simply a different form of a prescription medication seems like a quick way to get into a very tricky situation. Some of the research on Indigo’s ingredients show them comparable in effect, but always keep in mind what each thing is supposed to do.

That’s something the patient and doctor should discuss, but Indigo is not intended to replace a prescription medication, no.

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