Indigo-3G and Mag-10 Cheat Fast



I just got my first Indigo-3G bottle and have a question. I work out Monday-Saturday in the morning. I plan on taking indigo before my lift with Plazma. On Sunday I plan on fasting with 5 Mag-10 pulses. I have read the cheat fast instructions and plan on doing that Saturday night. So my question is should I take indigo before my lift on Saturday morning or before my “cheat meal” Saturday night. Also should I take Indigo during my actual fast on Sunday. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks


I’d probably go with it before the meal on that day. While the label does recommend taking it before training on training days, that day’s specific nutrition plan is basically leading up to that one big meal, so having Indigo beforehand should further optimize insulin sensitivity, shuttle nutrients even more efficiently, and bring even better results.

It wouldn’t hurt to take it before one of the Mag-10 pulses. Indigo-3G is definitely most effective when it has carbs to work with, but Christian Thibaudeau talked about some potential benefits to using it on low-carb plans in this thread.