Indigo 3G and Greens Supplement?

Hey all,

So I received my latest shipment of Indigo and took my first dose this morning with my first meal.

My issue is I forgot not to separate the dosing of my greens supplement and took it with my first meal.

I know this has been known to lessen the effects of Indigo. My question is today I’m planning a pretty high carb day (clean sources obviously) and I was going to take a 2nd dose after 6 hours of my morning dose has passed.

Will the effects of the greens supplement still weaken the power of the Indigo if I take the 2nd dose today?

Thanks in advance.

Being separated by hours is fine, it’s just best to not combine where both are in the same part of the GI tract at the same time, to eliminate competition in absorption or other influences.

Much appreciated, Bill.

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