Indigo-3G and Green Tea Extract

I’m beginning a round of Indigo-3G and wanted to refresh my memory:

  1. how long after taking a 500 mg. green tea extract capsule should I wait to take Indigo: is it a “few hours”, or do you recommend 6 full hours.

  2. if I take IndIgo-3G FIRST, how long should I wait to take the green tea extract: do I need to wait the full 6 hours Indigo-3G is “active” in the system.

  3. it seems tea (and tea extracts) are more problimatical for Indigo-3G than, say, Superfood. Is this do to certain substances in tea that don’t occur (or at least, not to the same degree) in Superfood.

  4. what about the Flavanols in dark chocolate–any compatibility problems there. I’m also starting CocoaVia, Cocoa extract.

Thanks again,


Personally, I’d wait 6 hours between all that stuff just to be safe. Indigo-3G is so effective I wouldn’t want anything to possibly interfere. The beneficial effects of cocoa and green tea are minuscule compared to Indigo-3G. Make it a priority.

As for Superfood, what I do is take Indigo-3G before pre-workout supplementation (Plazma) then have my Superfood in the late afternoon since I’m a morning lifter, but of course you can swap that around depending on your schedule.

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