Indigo 3G and Fruit/Greens

Came across this today about IG3:

“Finally, avoid fruit, vegetable, and berry juicing since this really concentrates the compounds (such as quercetin) that could interfere with Indigo-3G.”

How much fruits/vegetables/berries are we talking about? I usually mix in about a cup of spinach/fruit in with my whey to get good carbs in…is that too much?

It’s only concentrated sources you need to worry about. Just don’t have them around the same time you take Indigo-3G. You’ll mainly take Indigo-3G pre-workout nutrition anyway, and I doubt you’re using spinach smoothies for that.

Thanks Chris, that make sense. It’s generally the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning, so I’ll make sure to not take one of my Indigo-3G doses then.

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