Indigo-3G and Finibars for Soccer


Before playing a soccer match, how can I take a full advantage of indigo as far as carb management and endurance (like the rat study)?

120 minutes before match
1-2 Finibars

60 minutes before match
Brain Candy

45 minutes before the match
Warm up

30-15 minutes before the match
Surge Workout Fuel load

0 minutes Start the match
Surge Workout Fuel during the match

My doubt is if indigo is better 30 minutes before the bars to drive the carbs into the muscle better and if it last the same effect until the end of the match.


You could do that, as Indigo is in your system working for about 6 hours. Or if that timing is tough, I’d take it with the Brain Candy so it’s a half-hour or so before the SWF.



With some athletes it’s difficult to keep the protocol timing of Micro-PA and Indigo-3G before the workout. They forget take them or the schedule before the workout doesn’t let a perfect timing.

Being aware is not optimal, according your experience and Biotest knowledge, could I take some adventage if they take both Indigo-3G and Micro-PA with the first dose of Plazma 10 minutes before the workout?


Not Chris obviously, but a long time Biotest user so happy to offer my .02.

Hard to say, it’s probably better than nothing, but Micro-PA really needs to some to get in your system before your training. By the time it’s ready to be utilized, workout might be done already. Indigo 3G will have long lasting effects throughout the day, but if you take Indigo 3G WITH Plazma, like the Micro-PA, it might not have the desired effect during with the Plaza.

As you said, not optimal, but better than nothing. I would make an effort to do your best to take both supplements at least 30min prior to training. Again, just my thoughts and Chris or another mod may have better info!


Thanks for replying.

It’s tough for some athletes, sopecially when you have then in several protocols and tight schedules. Some of them are ablee to do it, but those are with meetings, press/media before the workout, etc, it’s really hard for themselves. Plus they have to bring the sweetener with them, you can imagine in the car, prepping plazma or Mag10. What a mess. Or meanwhile traveling.

Biotest is my unique brand and it the one give me the results. I try to maximaize as much as possible the supplements ti make the correct timings. For this reason I asked.

  • Maybe Brain Candy
  • 120-90’ - Finibar
  • 60’ - Micropa
  • 30’ - Indigo
  • 10-15’ - 1/3 Plazma
  • 00’ - Workout. Plazma remain
  • 30-60’ - Mag10
  • 90’ - Solid meal

No many professional athletes are able to do this being aware how is their lives and behavior.


Absolutely, I agree it can certainly be a challenge on the road. I’ve had success while traveling having a shaker cup or small jug with me, Plazma and/or Mag-10, and a funnel, keeping the sweetener in a plastic bag.