Indigo-3G and Fasting

Hi, I’m interested in giving the 5/2 style of intermittent fasting a shot, in order to reach a new level of leanness. I’m on the maintenance dose of Indigo-3G, and my question is whether it would be advisable to NOT take the Indigo-3G on the fasting days where I’m getting 500 calories.

That is, given that I’m not intaking all that much to partition, should I skip taking Indigo-3G on the fasting days & save that for the full feeding days?

Why or why not?

Thank you in advance!

Not sure what Chris would say, but I definitely wouldn’t take Indigo-3G on those 500 calorie days. Would seem like a waste. I’d just take it on non-fasting days, single dose before training or biggest carb meal of the day.

You would be wasting your <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. One thing that’s great about Indigo-3G is that it fixes all those underlying issues (fat cell metabolism, poor nutrient uptake mechanisms etc) that would cause one to be interested in such a low-calorie eating plan.

Plus, you need to use Indigo-3G continuously for at least 8 weeks at full dosage. Skipping dosages because you’re not going to eat that day would not allow you to get the full benefits of Indigo-3G. Even on maintenance dosage, that would not allow Indigo to work optimally.

Why not let Indigo-3G do its thing without mixing and matching it with other plans that effectively neuter the results you’d experience with Indigo alone? There are more effective ways to lose some extra fat without starvation levels calories on some days. And without rebounding in fat gain as soon as you begin to eat normally again.

If I’ve already done the 8 weeks full dosage, and have been on maintenance for a couple of months, and I’m looking to drop more BF, it would still be pointless to mix the two protocols?

Yeah, I realize I’m probably addicted to an old paradigm for fat loss, but I just want to make sure…

What you may want to do is consider an occasional modified Pulse Fast, which we find far better than “starvation days” some I.F’s promote. This is simply consuming <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 once every 2-3 hours during the day, then having a healthy solid meal in the evening. You have your maintenance dose of Indigo-3G before that solid meal, or before workout nutrition drinks like Plazma if that’s part of your plan.

This will trigger fat loss and protect muscle - no chance of catabolism, and Mag-10 pulsed in every couple of hours is pretty satisfying, so it’s a pretty pleasant variation of a modified “fast.”

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