Indigo-3G and Damage Control Question


Had a dinner out with friends last night (nice way of saying drinking and lots of bad food) and had planned to take my Indigo-3G prior to the dinner but forgot.

Just wondering, is it:

  1. worth it to take the Indigo-3G afterwards and try and do what little damage control you can? 2. Pass up the Indigo that night and go double dose the next day?
  2. Just move on and get back to your maintenance dose as usual the next day?

Splitting hairs am I?

Thanks sir!

A little bit of hair splitting, but not bad.

Ideally, your initial plan was the right idea: take <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G prior to a meal that you know may go a little overboard. Even if you’re on maintenance dose, have an extra dose for those planned cheats. Damage control is a good term for it.

Not much to do now except get back on track and continue with your plan.

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