Indigo 3G and Carb Cycling

Hey all, just had a quick question about I3G.

I’m currently on a carb cycle diet as I wanted to increase my insulin sensitivity as I felt carbs were really hampering me and going more to fat storage than muscle.

My question is when I get the 3G, should I continue to carb cycle and just take it on my higher carb days or will this product actually help to preserve insulin sensitivity and thus be ok to up my high carb days to like 4-5 days a week?

My goal right now like everyone’s is to shed off some fat while preserving (and hopefully) building muscle mass.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s the deal: most people will no longer need to carb cycle (or I.F. or Paleo or “insert weird diet plan here”) after <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G has fixed up their fat cell metabolism and nutrient uptake mechanisms. So for long-term changes in how you handle carbs, take Indigo for an extended period every day, eat adequate carbs (gotta give a nutrient partitioning agent something to repartition, right?) and you won’t need to worry about doing any diet extremes in the future.

Much appreciated, Chris.

Thanks for always being so readily available to answer our questions.

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