Indigo-3G and Caffeine Pre-WO?

I’m looking at the formula and I like the research and response on the Indigo-3G and considering a purchase. I’m currently 10% bodyfat and looking to cut down to approxinately 8%

For preworkouts, I prefer a caffeine based supplement as its personal preference and gives me the boost I usually like, however, the reviews on this are good.

My question is, is this something I take alongside the caffeine preworkout, or no, will this do the trick. I do quite a few crossfit/metcon workouts and do not want those to suffer.

Caffeine will not interfere with <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G if used at the same time, but this may depend on where you’re getting that caffeine.

You want to avoid taking certain things at the same time as Indigo-3G, like things that contain quercetin or other flavonoids. So coffee is fine, but tea and some energy drinks contains quercetin and could be an issue. I’d just check the label of whatever you’re using to be sure.

Would the Hot-Rox be a better purchase than the Indigo? I have noticed that a lot of people are gainin upperbody size and losing waist inches. I’m currently at 198, I eat pretty low carbs (and will maintain that - I enjoy it and don’t need the 300g per day that a lot of people enjoy on the Indigo). I feel I can get down to 190, but do want to get my deadlift and bench higher. I do crossfit 4x per week, and run 3-10 miles per day (i race regularly in the summer too).

Which would be the best?

<a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX Extreme is a dedicated fat burner, though due to the Carbolin 19 component, users do experience muscle gain (or at the minimum, muscle retention during a very strict diet) if weight training. HOT-ROX is perfect for those whose main goal is fat loss in particularly stubborn areas of body fat storage.

<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G is a nutrient repartitioning agent which shuttles nutrients toward muscle gains and performance while discouraging the storage of body fat. Users experience muscle gain and fat loss since both are related to nutrient uptake mechanisms and fat cell metabolism.

But if you’re not going to consume enough quality carbs, then Indigo-3G may not be best for you. Why take a nutrient repartitioning agent then restrict nutrients? HOT-ROX may be a better choice for you.

Honestly, your goals are a little widespread right now. You want to keep the carbs low and run every day, yet want to make strength gains in the big lifts. Many would consider those opposing goals. Cardio at that frequency and volume for an extended period of time also slows or prevents muscle gain and could become catabolic, increasing cortisol, anxiety, and triggering cravings… especially when paired with low carbs.

The best choice for your physique and performance goals is Indigo-3G and <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma, though if you’re not willing to add some clean carbs to your plan and perhaps modify your training by using, for example, the Indigo Performance Program designed by Christian Thibaudeau, then you won’t get the most out of those supplements. HOT-ROX or <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19 as a standalone will definitely speed your fat loss goals however and help prevent muscle loss from all the running, so that would be the best choice for you at this time.

Basically, I eat protein and veggies every single meal. My daily calorie intake is near 2200/day. I’d like to keep that there.

Usually, I do some cardio and a WOD in the am, lifting in the afternoon. I want to knock this last 7-9lbs off, and still maintain or even make strength gains on my bench and deads and push press particularly. I have made great strides, but am wondering what the best cobination of supplenents would be to get me there (under $200 budget).

First, if you choose <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G, remember that it changes your core physiology: you partition nutrients differently, you can eat more carbs without gaining fat, and you can eat more total calories and “send” them to muscle instead of the love handles.

So Indigo-3G users have to experiment and “re-think” their old ideas about how many carbs and overall calories is right for them. If they stay the same and don’t adjust for their upgraded physiology, they won’t get the most out of Indigo-3G. For example, I was 95% Paleo for a year, then started using Indigo-3G. I tripled the clean carb intake and am now leaner with 17 pounds more muscle than I was before. Glad I didn’t stick to my old body’s norms.

But if Indigo-3G isn’t in the cards for you right now, then we’d suggest <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 after workouts at least. This will prevent catabolism, speed muscle and performance gains, and also trigger losses in body fat. While HOT-ROX is great for losing stubborn body fat, MAG-10 would help you there too and fuel your workouts and help you reach your performance goals. The multi-unit discount is the most economical way to use it.

Hope that helps!

That helps a lot, i purchased the Indigo and MAG-10.
our best advice for usage if I want to conserve, but still benefit greatly from each?

We suggest using the full dosage (12 capsules per day, two servings of 6 capsules) for 8 weeks to reap the full, rapid, long-term benefits of Indigo-3G. But many choose to only take 6 capsules per day before weight training or their biggest, carbiest meal of the day, and they get great results. If you’re not very tolerant of carbs, full-dosage is best. If you’re okay with clean carbs and not planning on packing them in anyway, then the single serving plan may be all you need.

For MAG-10, the best time to use it is after weight training: a serving or “pulse” after the session if MAG-10 is your main workout drink, then another serving about an hour after that.

But MAG-10 is very versatile and there are several options. Many use it before and during cardio-type workouts to increase performance, fat loss, and protect muscle. Other options are to pulse it between solid meals or use it before bed or first thing in the AM. Up to you. Feel free to experiment to find the right combo for your needs. I’d suggest starting with post-weight training and pre and during WODs.

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