Indigo-3G after V-Diet


Hey Chris, I should be getting my first bottle of Indigo-3G this week. I’ve jumped onto the forum over there but haven’t really contributed to the livespill as I’m still in the transition phase of the V-Diet, week 1 starting tomorrow. My question is: can i start the Indigo-3G protocol during the transition? I know you are supposed to ramp up carbs but I figured I could still do that with my HSMs. But you’re the expert on Indigo-3G…give me and the crew your thoughts on this.



I would wait myself. Even with a carbier HSM you’d probably want to ramp carbs up more than that. For example, you want at least 100g carbs peri-workout.


Sounds good to me Chris. And so does 100 grams of carbs. I need to start doing my homework on the protocol. I have to say Im a bit overwhelmed by the amount of info in the training labs section. Where do I begin with everything? Like is there a place giving you detailed workouts and what to eat? Is the rest just people posting Q&A in the livespill? Any advice on getting started without having to read 1000 pages would be great. You can PM too if this is the wrong place to ask this stuff.



There is no single training program or diet plan, but CT does provide suggested plans to take advantage of the extra work capacity Indigo provides, and I do offer some general diet tips. See top of Live Coaching Lab from any day and see links.

Hold on a sec, here they are:

Indigo Resources:

<a href=“"new”>Store Page and Autoship Info

<a href=""target=“new”>Original Indigo-3G Article

<a href=""target=“new”>What To Expect

<a href=""target=“new”>Basic Carb Guide

<a href=""target=“new”>Workout Nutrition Protocols

<a href=""target=“new”>Things to Avoid While on Indigo-3G


heh, I just PM’d you a bunch of question right as you posted this. I figured that would happen. Sorry for bombarding you buddy.