Indigo-3G Advice, Training at Night

I am soldier in the army and im deployed on my second tour in afgan right now. i started the horseman workout program which the first month kicked my ass and got results good. Im looking to try an take Indigo-3G and i would like to know how to cycle it. or if i can get some advice what to stack it with that would be helpful to. Mainly my workout times are at 9pm every night.

My goals are simple. to gain strength and some size. but loose fat. I weigh 220lbs. i am 6’1. But im looking to get down to 200 but build strength and more size. the horseman workout program is amazing and i am getting good results. but now im looking to take my body to the next level with supplements. can you help me out.

First off, thanks for your service. It’s doubly impressive when deployment doesn’t stand in the way of reaching your training goals.

As for your question, <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G doesn’t have to be cycled. The most effective protocol is to take 12 capsules per day (two doses of six capsules) for 8 weeks, then move to only one serving per day. In other words, just follow the label. You can view it at the Biotest store.

At full dosage with your schedule, you’d take a serving 30 minutes before lunch, then another serving before training. Once you’re on single dosage, you’d take Indigo-3G pre-workout on lifting days and pre-biggest-meal on off days.

Since Indigo-3G is a nutrient repartitioning agent and drives nutrients toward muscle gains instead of fat storage, the most important supplement to stack with it is a quality workout nutrition drink. We suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma for those who really murder every workout and push themselves hard with a tough program. You can get these in a stack here to save some bucks: <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Reactive Pump Stack.

To really take it to the next level, use MAG-10 post workout. The best stack for that is the <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Super Stack which includes MAG-10.

Any other questions or concerns, just reply here and we’d be glad to help out.

the Plazma stack looks great. a little pricey. but money doesnt get in the way of my training. i have been taking lg sciences cutting andro stack the past five weeks. and im about to take the pct formadrol… which i had no idea how to dose that kit because there were no directions. so it was risky. but when i start my pct. would it be the right time to order the plazma stack. and will the Plazma stack help me reach my goals??

You can start the Plazma stack at any time really. There’s never a bad time to upgrade your workout nutrition protocol. And while I’m not too familiar with those gray market products, there should be no interference.

We have no doubt you’ll reach your goals with this stack. And I’m betting you’ll never want to go back to the “questionable” stuff you were using before.

sounds great. i feel they will work amazing with my workout program. i am doing the horseman program. and i have been getting great gains with it. my patrols and missions become easier and easier.

If I take a preworkout with caffeine, will the indigo affect that and should I can that preworkout?

I do a lot of crossfit/metcon training and am looking to cut about 2% bf and continue with that style of training.


Caffeine will not interfere with Indigo-3G if used at the same time, but this may depend on where you’re getting that caffeine. You want to avoid taking certain things at the same time as Indigo-3G, like things that contain quercetin or other flavonoids. So coffee is fine, but tea contains quercetin. I’d just check the label to be sure.

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