Indigo-3G - 4 or 6 Capsules?

The label says 4-6 per day. At 145 lbs, I figure 4 should be enough, 6 for the heavy guys. But is it based on weight, or carbs consumed? If carbs, what threshold to switch from 4 to 6?

A mod my chime in, but they usually say always best to follow the label. I am 5’4", 150lbs, and take 6 a day before my pre-workout meal, I’ve been taking 6 a day for years. I can’t imagine it’s a specific number of carbs, or bodyweight to height ratio, that triggers a certain dosage. Just my $.02!

Bill Roberts got a bit into the science of dosing in this thread, but the jist of it is that 4-6 is the standard dose for the majority of people. Their size and general diet isn’t really a factor unless they’re way far to either end of the bellcurve, like a 90-pound woman or someone who had like 900+g carbs a day.

6 caps because it’s the most effective. Pros like Amit Sapir and Mark Dugdale take 6 caps a day and the majority of non-pro lifters (like 99% of people on the site) take the same serving size. 4 caps is kind of like the budget-friendly option to stretch out a bottle while still getting an effective dose.

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OK, thanks for the input. I’ll do 6.

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