Increased Carbs Too Much on Indigo 3G

I started Indigo 2 days ago, today is my third day and I think I bumped my carbs up a bit too much.

I usually live on around 150g carbs normally 60% of that is right after my workout in the form of fresh pizza (which chicken and little/ no cheese) or rice.

The rest of my diet is:

4 x 25g whey shakes, 1 when I wake up, one pre workout, one post workout and maybe one in-between meals.

Around 100g of protein from chicken breast an hour or 2 before I go to bed

A full stalk of broccoli and 4 tomatoes.

After I started indigo I added around 150g-200g (mostly pre workout 30 mins after I take I3g) in the form of white potatoes and the occasional tortilla/rice meal.

I feel I am getting slightly leaner but I just feel bloated eating all these new carbs, will 150g of carbs be enough for Indigo to work, I do have better pumps and more energy in the gym. (I was surprised adding all these carbs that I would retain water but gladly I didn’t thanks to I3g.)

Im also not used to eating carbs before I workout, I usually have a protein shake and a piece of dark chocolate.

My new plan would be to eat take 6 caps Indigo 30 mins later have 50g carbs in the form of white potatoes workout an hour later and have 100 g of carbs 30 mins after my workout in the form of fresh pizza.

I understand the benefits of Plazma now, because it’s in liquid form its much easier to consume the carbs you need during the workout period. But I can’t fit it in my budget right now.


First things first: It’s been two and a half days! Hard to judge anything right now. But you do say you’re feeling slightly leaner, so we assume it’s just getting used to adding more carbs to your diet. Some people like to work up slowly and try to hit roughly 300g on training days for sure. Some people find their sweet spot to be 200g, but I’ve only seen that in very overweight people. Some naturally leaner guys have topped out at 500-600g per day with no fat gain. It may take a few weeks to find your sweet spot. I define “sweet spot” as the point where you’re gaining muscle and not gaining fat (or losing some fat at the same time.)

By the way, it’s not just the fact that Plazma contains convenient liquid carbs, but it’s the type, quality, and ratio of carbs as well as the other ingredients that make it effective. I realize that’s not in the budget right now, just pointing that out.

Here’s the (overly simplified) truth: You will not build muscle, or at least build it very slowly, if you don’t have some carbs in your before weight training. This article gets into it: Now, that article is talking about totally fasted training, but carb-less training is almost as ineffective.

So, give it a few days and work up slowly. Keep the wheat and milk out of your diet or minimized to avoid any bloating effect; stick to rice, potato etc. if a workout drink isn’t in the cards right now.

By the way, I know exactly where you’re coming from. I was a total carbo-phobic before using Indigo-3G, and the idea of adding carbs to my diet scared the crap out of me. I always thought I had to stick to 100-150g per day or I’d get fat, because, well, I did! All those internal processes and nutrient uptake mechanisms were jacked up in me, probably because I was very overweight when I was younger and over-dieted to avoid getting that way again as an adult. Indigo-3G changed everything for me (lower body fat and around 20 pounds more muscle over time), but it didn’t happen in a week.

Anyway, your new plan sounds much better, and you’ll adjust to the extra carbs.

Finally, I believe you’re 19 years old. These are prime years for gaining muscle. Don’t fear plenty of good quality food (including “clean” carbs), especially when using Indigo-3G.

Chris, thank you for that. It assuages a lot of my concerns I had in my thread.

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