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1.)My multi-vitamin serving size is 3 tablets, should I spread it out during the day like the Flameout?
2.)I was thinking of taking Superfood 1 scoop with 4 shakes instead of 2 scoops with 2 shakes, will this matter?
3.)Anything I am missing?
4.)Is there anything similar to Carbolin 19, that is not a stimulant that I can take? Can not take HOT-ROX or other stimulants it messes with my liver to much.
5.)Since I am in Afghanistan I am taking Doxycycline, a very strong anti-biotic that helps prevent malaria, will this interfere with the diet?

If you get a chance can check out my diet log and see if everything is according to plan. Any help is much appreciated. If anyone else has comments as well please chime in.

  1. Probably no need. Take whenever it’s convenient for you. With the Superfood component of the V-Diet, a multi may not even be necessary.

  2. You can take Superfood in either way.

  3. Some people who don’t tolerate stimulants well choose to take Se7en with their V-Diet. It’s marketed toward women, but it works well for men too. Here’s the info:

  4. I don’t know much about that, but I don’t see any issues with it.


check through the logs, i think there was another guy in afghanistan who recently did the V-Diet. you should be able to ask him about the anti-biotic.


I am prepping for my final week on the V-Diet and I have some questions for Chris or anyone else who would like to help. I would like a break down of what one meal a day should look like intake wise, including supplements and shakes. same for two meals a day. The plan right now is to eat breakfast and then carry on the rest of the day with shakes.

with two meals a day the plan is breakfast and lunch. Any guidance is much appreciated especially since i know i will still have some fat to lose. also the tentative plan after i am done with the V-Diet is to stay at 2 meals a day for awhile.

I have a huge problem with not being succesful unless i have a complete plan in front of me, so that being said any suggestion when i come off the V-Diet, for workout, and food intake, other than eating clean. my choices here are sometimes limited from the lack of choice here Afghanistan. anyone who can spitball some ideas i will take a look at and research and post responses.


I really like the idea of dropping some foods forever, like wheat in all forms. (I know that may be tough for you in your situation right now.) That alone will kill a lot of food addictions and overeating.

The 100 Gram Carb Cure article of mine may give you some ideas too. Just run a quick search for it.

Tons of free workout plans available in this site. I’d just pick one that fits your needs, goals, and equipment access.

Many V-Dieters have also had great success moving on to Indigo-3G.


Thanks Chris for your response I appreciate the advice. Is there anyway i can get a break down of what the last two weeks should like. In your opinion especially since i still have a lot of fat to lose.


The Transition phase is simple really: eat one HSM per day for a week or so, then two. The rest is shakes, but not as many as before. You can cut out the flax and just get some good fats and fiber in your HSM.


OK so i only lost 2 LBS in week 4, no cheating no missed workouts, did walk less but still got in 30 mins a day. My work schedule was screwed up but still had all shakes and supps. Is this strange or cause for concern?

I like the V-Diet but not super happy with complete weight loss after 28 days but i was also really out of shape when i started and did not log my workouts, but did all reps and exercises. I also may be over reacting as well. any thoughts on this?


Two pounds of pure fat loss in a week is DOUBLE what many even believe is possible. You did fine.

The V-Diet isn’t just about the pounds you lose in 28 days, but the muscle gained and habits changed. It’s a jump-start on future progress.