Impressed with Micro-PA!

I have only been taking it for just over one week but here are some initial observations. You feel and look pumped all the time. It always looks like I just lifted. My weight is up 2 pounds and I look fuller. I am training for a national comp. so I will monitor my weeight, measurements, etc… Two days after my comp, (3 weeks ago) I weighed in at 204-205… Now I am 207 every day.

Strength is up too. Some of this is due to the fact that I am finally eating enough and not dieting! However, I monitor everything so close I know there was a correlation between starting it and how I look and feel now. Strength is hard to measure because I am doing a modified 5-3-1 and not going for PR’s on main lifts. But, my weighted pull-ups are up. I did 3 sets of 8 with a 45 yesterday. I normally use a 35 plate for the same reps. So far I am impressed and will try to update as I notice results.

After my comp. I started a version of the 5-3-1 with some additions. I know, I know… JM says do not monkey with it! After some thinking and talking with Amit, I am switching my training so I can focus on the nationals next July. So, Monday I am starting Amit’s Strong Bodybuilder program. I will post some results as I go through the workouts and see how the Micro-PA is helping. So far-so good! I was doing the back workout from the Strong BB program already integrated into the 5-3-1 on one day, but now I need to switch to BB mode totally. The MAG-10 following the Micro-PA gives you an immediate pump. It is odd but it def. is noticeable.

First week doing Amit’s full strong bodybuilder program. Well… it is hard! Just the total volume and the supersets are very hard. My chest felt the most sore. The past 3 weeks I was doing moderate volume with 5-3-1 boring but big. So, the drastic changes made me sore. My weight is up to 208 today and I am still as lean.

I measure my waist every few days to make sure I am not gaining BF. For me that is almost the only place i gain it, so it tracks it very well. I would say the strength is up for sure. BUT, my strength went down on the diet for the comp. So, it is coming back to what it was pre-diet. Did 225 on bench for the 8 sets of 8 easy. That is pretty weak for me though.

Deads were only 265 for 8 sets of 8 but I tweaked something in my back so I had to back it way down for now. Pull ups felt strong still- 35 lb plate for sets of 8. So, the weigh it is up and the strength is coming back. My goal is to weigh in at 197-198 next comp., so that should def. be within reach. I will keep updating etc. Feel free to ask me anything.

Oh, right now my diet is very clean (always is). 250 pro. day 300-carbs and fat I do not count (just eating clean food sources) I do take fish oils and 1-2 tbs. of flax seed oil per day. Most of my carbs are pre and peri-workout. I do a finbar about 1 hr before, then plazma during and a big dinner post. During the day I eat mostly protein and very low carbs. Sometimes I will add oatmeal to breakfast with my 5 eggs.

Update- scale is 209 this morning and my waist is still exactly the same and chest is up over 1/4"

My strength is up a bit on the bench, but I think I was going a little lighter than I should have been so I actually just bumped up the weights on every set. I am still doing the Strong Bodybuilder program for another week and loving it. I am sore every workout but not so much so that I feel it is too much. It is a lot of volume and intensity. I am changing to Amit’s phase 1-3 who I got my muscles to grow next for 4 weeks, so I will keep updating.

I am really trying to make sure I keep my bodyfat in check the entire time leading up to my diet phase. I know the Micro-PA is working my wife asked me if I was taking anything because she said I am looking so much bigger and fast. It does just make you look fuller all the time. I will have to weigh myself all week to see if the new increase is a fluke or it stays on. Keeping the diet clean all the time- around 220 protein, 300 carbs and I do not count fats right now. All my carbs are clean, I do not eat anything with wheat, or sugars, etc… All rice, sweet pot. and veggies for carbs and alot of Plazma and Finibars.

No pictures? You are in competitions, right? Interested to hear (and see) your results.

Yes, I just won first in the masters division and overall masters in the OKC Grand Prix which is a national qualifier. I will post pics from the comp. I need to take a few recent ones. I’ll try to get some this weekend.

From night show.

One more

There are areas I want/need to improve for the next comp. But I am actually pretty confident that I will. Not to sound like a BSer but I dieted for 8 weeks for the comp. and was actually doing crossfit 5 times a week up until the 8 weeks before. I picked that comp. on almost the last minute. So, my point is that I was not training for a bodybuilding show leading up to it, I was just doing my training and added crossfit about 6 months prior. So, I was not training for size. In the past 7-8 weeks my legs and back have already grown. I will try to snap a few pics soon to keep it updated. I will not gain much more bodyfat then I have right now, as I do not believe the bulking method. I have gained some since the show of course, but I would rather stay pretty lean so the diet is not as bad. I ate a lil bad for 2 days around Christmas and felt like a pig! Luckily, I can cut carbs down for about a week and loose BF pretty easily. I am not doing any cardio right now other than 2-3 short kettlebell workouts (under 10 mins each) per week.

Look awesome. Looking forward to hearing about your progress with Micro-PA. I’m curious to use it, but budget constrained due to other supps right now.

I’ve noticed more physical changes and increase in lift poundages with Micro PA than Indigo. I’m using Plazma and MAG-10 as well, but I was doing that with Indigo.

thanks! I have been at a standstill on the weight but the strength is going up. I am growing though. My chest is up 1/8" and my bi’s are up the same also and my back looks thicker and comes in lower now. I snapped some pics at the gym but my buddy has them on his camera I need to get them and post some new ones.

I was not really eating enough the past few weeks for my training and weight ect., but I am so used to staying lean that I hate gaining bodyfat. So, I upped my prot and carbs, all from more meats and rice and sweet pot. and I am going to add another serving of plazma during the workouts and see how that does me. All my lifts went up.

I am doint Amit’s phase 3 program right now and loving it! All the workouts are fun and brutal and they change all the time, which I enjoy. After this I am likely going to go back to the Meadows reactive pump program. I did it last year and liked it and I think it fits my goals. I may add some more back and bi’s for my focus areas though.

Well the scale has not budged over 209 but all my measurements are up except my waist- which is what I want! My bi’s are up 1/8" more, chest is up and waist is actually a bit under what it has been. I am surprised by this because I am eating alot for me. My carbs are up over 300 and prot. is around 280 g. I added all good carb sources and I just added another scoop of Plazma. I am not trying to get leaner but I am for some reason. I may give it another week and up my macros again 20-30 gr. of both carbs and prot. I am sure all I have put on is good muscle and looks like I am actually getting leaner without trying.

I just finished Amit’s phase 1-3 how I got my muscles to grow and loved it! Now I going to the Meadows reactive pump program with some minor modifications for me.


My scale battery was going dead, so now my weight is up to 212 every day. I was sure something was off since I look bigger and all my measurements keep going up, except my waist. So, i was right! The strength is up in all my lifts as well. I am still adding more cal. per day to find my sweet spot where I gain without gaining much BF. I am at 300 prot. and about 350 carbs now and still ok. This stuff is impressive! I am sure i will come in at the top of light heavyweight in July now. My goal was to be 198 and as lean as before or leaner- and I think it is very likely.

From today- 213 lbs.


Strength is moving along. I am doing a hybrid workout right now that I will explain later, but it is a combo of German Volume Training and Tibs, second day pump idea. Anyway, today I did 10 sets of 8 on bench with 260 and T-bar rows- 10 sets of 10. I am on this workout for 3 more weeks but changing the reps. So next week I am going to 10 sets of 5- then 10 sets of 8 then 10 sets of 10 the last week. It is brutal but it works and I feel fine with all the PLazma, MAG-10 and Micro-PA I am taking.

Strength is back up. Benched 295 for sets of 10 easy reps this week. Doing pull ups still with 35 lbs and everything else is up also. Hope to get back up to 315 for sets of 8-10. But not focusing on just strength right now.

Felt pretty good on Tues. so I did 295 x 10 on bench, 315 x 8 and 325 for 6. Got all of the sets pretty easy. Been killing back with a lot of volume so that has come up a decent bit. Looking to weigh in right at 197 for the Nationals and I should be right on track.

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