I'm Waiting!

I’ve ordered my V-diet protein/supplements, so I’m waiting to get started!!! I’m taking the instruction very seriously to log on here, so I’m doing just that! A little about me, I’m 44 and previously competed in fitness contests.

I’ve noticed a little 40+ “fluffiness” that I can attribute to inattention to diet. I have a fitness trip coming in April and while the workout preparation is right on, just can’t seem to get my head in gear with the food side of it–

-I was looking for something to create a dramatic transformation and also break my head out of the bad habits I’ve created the last couple years. So here I am—this is JUST what I need! I’m currently lurking around this forum trying to learn as much as I can—I’ll be back when I receive my supplements and report on my progress!!!

Good to have you on board. Keep us posted!

Chris–thanks! I definitely will!!!

Good luck. If you got the free shipping, it should only take a few days.

I just started today… 2 shakes down… a few weeks should be no problem… wink wink

Well, I just checked–and FedEx projects arrival on Thursday! Ahhhh! I’m ready now! But I will adjust accordingly…

Mine are scheduled to arive on Thursday as well. Starting Friday we should be synced up. Good luck & stop by my thread to encourage or kick ass as needed.

Diver–will do! And good luck to you as well! My stuff came this AM-poor Fed Ex guy probably has a broken back from carrying everything to the door! So tomorrow is D-day, or make that V-Diet day!!! I’ll be starting a success log–let’s kick ass!!! Flex

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