I'm Pissed... And Doing Something About It

We’ll start off with the background, we always do. I’m 26 and 172 lbs.

I graduated from college, mechanical engineer, in December and I had let myself go. I was too “busy” with school, an internship, and working a few nights a week at a bar. I was drinking too much and eating poorly at poor times.

I joined a gym in February and was working out, I had an ok split and was getting a bit stronger and dropped an inch or two off of my waist. It’s 4 months later and while my strength has improved appreciably I’m not really looking any better. I’m 26, I should be on my way to being in the best shape of my life and keeping it there.

So, last week I ordered the V-Diet package and I started it today; my first workout on the V-Diet is tomorrow.

I’m taking pictures for before and after and will take some measurements tomorrow night.

Welcome! You can do it.

Premixing shakes?
Can I mix up 5 bottles the day before and have a days worth of shakes ready and waiting in the fridge?

In regards to the hsm, if I have a nice piece of filet mignon post workout I skip my dinner shake and eat plenty of good veggies.
I’m guessing I should have a scoop of Leucine before the steak and veg dinner so that I can maximize the use of the meat?

Everything sounds fine to me, but you can ask Chris Shugart, the creator of the diet, any questions you may have by posting in the Ask Chris thread stickied to the top of the V-Diet logs forum.

The diet is going ok, I have to remember to stick to vanilla in the mornig, chocolate is hard to choke down it seems. I’m going to see if I can find some sugar free flavoring.

I’m suprised by how difficult it is to get to sleep, I ordered some z12 fr Biotest yesterday to help.

I used to have a glass of wine with dinner, or a cocktail in the
evening to help relax and it would help slow me down enough that I could get to sleep. My mind is extremely active and I have a hard time shutting it down at night, so I think the z12 will do
me some serious good.

The first workout went well, it’s more
volume than I had been doing. I did use a bench on the bent over row and did it one arm at a
time. I’m going to try a barbell variation on
an incline next time.

Sorry if these posts look funny, I’m typing on my iPhone and formatting on a tiny screen sucks

I had my breakfast shake and did workout 2 today.
I’ve never wanted to throw up so bad before; I CANNOT have that full of a stomach then go workout hard.

Only evening workouts for me from now on.

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