I'm On It: Dropping Fat from Dirty Bulking

Howdy all. Brief background: I was a nice lean 173 lbs in October because I had a dialed in diet and did hill sprints or car pushes 3x a week (I couldn’t really lift though due to some injuries). After October I lifted as much as my injuries would allow and and maintained. By the first of this year I was largely ready to lift hard and heavy again so I decided I’d go dirty and get big, so I went from the mid 170’s I was at to a pretty consistent 200 right now.

So, being tired of having the bit of pudge that came with the dirty bulking I decided to rip it off with a round of the V-Diet. I’m aiming to be nice and shredded at 180-185 and then follow a much cleaner regimen to increase size from there (my problem with allowing myself to go dirty is that I have no self control, I love to eat, and there isn’t an off switch when I eat, I’m the table cleaner finishing everyone else’s food)

Anyway here are my numbers

Height - 6 feet
Weight - 200 lbs
Neck - 14.7
Shoulders - 47
Chest - Upper 42
Chest - Lower 38.5
Waist - at Navel -34.5
Waist - at largest - 35.2
Hips - at largest - 40.2 (hips means hip area around my bottom right?)
Upper Arm - L - 14
Upper Arm - R - 14
Upper Leg - L - 24.5
Upper Leg - R - 25
Lower Leg - L - 16
Lower Leg - R - 16
Ankle - L - 10
Ankle - R - 10.1

I gotta run to work, will get before pics up later tonight.

Welcome mog! Based on where you are at currently I’d predict you’ll be able to get pretty ripped on ‘V’. Let the journey begin!

Sounds like a good plan. Keep us updated!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s some info on clean bulking for next time around:

Ohhh hill sprints are the sweetest form of death there is.
Can’t wait for pics, your avi is awesome

Here’s a pic from October

So my camera’s batteries are dead so I gotta figure out a place to scavenge some from to get pics up. I also may look slightly pregnant because I went out with a bang and have had two 4 lb burritos in the last 8 hours.

ok, stole batteries from my tv remotes for my camera. Thoughts: A: Holy shit, I’m fat in pictures…I see myself in the mirror and think yeah a little chunky but these…wow. Kinda funny though, I work in an operating room and sometimes we have to move large unconscious patients around and at lean but solid 173 no one ever called out for my help to move them and I never was asked if I lifted, at a chubby 200 I get comments all the time about how big I look and I constantly get asked for by name to move people. B: I think I’ll cheat and get a tan while doing the V-Diet. I look much much better with a little color :).

side, I look less preggers than I thought…those burritos were amazing though…goodbye food.

back. Usually my strongest point. between the angle (using time delay setting with my camera on five Metabolic Drive containers and 1 luceine cont it still looks up a bit) and not flexing it looks like I’m pathetic.

So here’s a brief rundown of recent training history, did 6 weeks of stripped down hypertrophy (good program, insane workout volume) followed by 5 weeks of ABBH 1 (one of my favorites ever, seemed like super low volume following the stripped down prog)

Some lift numbers
Bench: 290
Dead: 460
Front squat: 260

I decided I’d follow the intermediate program because I don’t really consider myself an expert even though I’ve been lifting for 8 years. I haven’t decided on weights yet but I’ll report back after lifting tomorrow AM.

Damn dude, looking forward to seeing your results. You obviously know how to get ripped (see October 2008), and you’ve obviously put on some muscle. Can’t wait to see what happens.

Get it done.

Yeah you pretty much are in the exact same boat as me. I put on a bunch of unnecessary weight over the winter when I fell off the wagon on my clean bulking and released the beast on pans of brownies and Mexican food a little too often. That being said I made really good strength gains, especially in bench and deadlift.

Ill be keeping an eye on your thread because Im sure it will help me with my V-Diet venture. Keep it real!

Very nice, very nice. Im talking about the 4 lb burritos.

They were soooooooo good! they really were the size of small school children…tasty, tasty children.

My strength gains were pretty good during the bulking (or should I say feasting) process. +35 lbs on bench, +60 on deads, and I never really measured a squat max but I’m sure those went up too. Even though I’ve been lifting for a long time my numbers have been pretty sad largely because I think I was constantly starving myself. I’m a bit of a FFB and I’ve always been scared when I started to lose a bit of that abdominal definition I’d worked so hard to gain so I’d cut back cals and I’d back track on strength gains.

So today is day 1 and I’m off to a terrible start. I probably slept 1 hour because my girlfriend and I are in the middle of a giant fight so I’m incredibly drained and the workout is going to murder me…then after that I have to go talk to her more until I spend an hour doing my NEPA walk on my way to work, then I work til 10:30 after which I’m sure I’ll have to go talk to my girlfriend more and not sleep again…gonna be rough, I should’ve ordered a case of spike to go along with everything else.

Mmmmmmmm…tasty children…drool…and spike…more drool…

You should get back to the October 2K8 pic no problem. It won’t happen in 4 weeks, but you should get damned close.

damn man, good luck

Alrighty. Daily report. I’m tired. Very tired. Diet going alright, hunger pangs between shakes 3 and 4 and 4 and 5. Shake 5 is happiness.

I’m sticking with the MWF template and since I started on W I just did the W workout, intermediate style with timer enforced rest periods.

Reverse Lunges (BB)
135 x 9,7,6,5,5,4,4
Bent-over Row (DB)
65 x 9,9,8,7,8
Push Press (BB)
155 x 6,6,6,5,5,5,5,3
Curl (EZ)
85 x 9,8,7,7,6
Reverse Crunch

Notes: I was one sweaty boy when finished. B/O rows were difficult because my glute/ham junction was a giant ball of fire so it was hard to bend over. Push press was slightly heavy but it’ll be ok I think. Curls are a pain, I have this pain in my forearm when I curl that I can only describe as ‘wrist splints’ hurts like hell after every set. Reverse crunches were easy when I held on to something, difficulty was increased when I didn’t.

NEPA for day: 2 games of 1 on 1 basketball to 11 with my roommate (half court, ~25 mins in duration). Walk to work (brisk pace, 26 mins, not sure of distance) and back again 8.5 hours later.

Morning note: wow. I’m sore. Rather surprised about that actually.

I feel you on the soreness. Though Ive been using the 25 total rep parameter outlined by Chad Waterbury for quite some time, so the 40 reps was definitly an increase in volume Im not accustomed to right now.

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