I'm Lost with Diet, Please Help

I’ve decided I am at a point where I just need to ask for help. Not that I am drastically out of shape or overweight, but I’m not where I want to be at all. I’m not quite sure how to format this or where to start, so I guess I will just jump into it:

Current stats
Height: 5’9"
weight: 210-214
neck: 17.5"
shoulders: 53"
chest" 46"
naval: 37" (all time high)
“waist”: 37" (where i wear my pants)
hips/butt: didnt measure
thigh: 26"
calf: ?

Goals are to get bigger and stronger. In attempting that, I also usually get fatter. I believe there is a way to get bigger and stronger without getting fatter, and that is where I want to go.

My best numbers in the big 3 were 425sq, 365b, 600dl, in December 2012. Current numbers are less than that mostly due to a herniated disc and some sciatica issues, but I do train around it and mostly have productive workouts. Close estimates would be 385sq, 350b, 530dl. I only include these numbers to (hopefully) indicate that I am not some jackass that has no clue how to train. If there is one thing I am mostly getting right, I would guess it to be training.

That said, I follow a basic 5/3/1 template with some Jim-approved additions. My basic template is:

Squats 5/3/1
Press 5/3/1

Deadlift 5/3/1

Bench 5/3/1

(squats on wed/fri are lower % and volume than regular 5/3/1 day)

I have an Airdyne in my bedroom that I use 4-5days/wk on a good week, 2 days on a bad week (the weeks when you just can’t seem to catch a break and there are 100 extra things to do everyday).

These workouts take about 1-1.5hrs and are fueled with 3 scoops of Plazma. The volume isn’t crazy, but I want max strength and growth* so I go with 3 scoops instead of 2.

I have a feeling someone may suggest this is contrary to what I am asking in this post, but I hope not.

On to diet, as best I can. The days I work are basically all the same so I will start there.

2 scoops whey in water**
1 cup (dry measure) plain quaker oats

2 scoops whey in water**

**I have only recently (1 week) dropped 12oz whole milk from these shakes.

14oz ground turkey
1 cup (cooked measure) white rice

dinner, can vary, so will use last nights
6oz sirloin steak
1 cup asparagus, cooked with small amount of olive oil
1 cup (cooked measure) white rice***

***i just started taking Indigo, so I have added carbs to dinner. prior to, dinner is usually a protein and vegetable.

I do usually lift at work 1 day per week. I work sun-tues/wed, and that day is usually Monday, so Monday looks the same as the above, +3 scoops of Plazma at workout around 10am, then the 10am whey shake is put later in the day when I need a little something.

Days I don’t work I watch my little bundle of joy, so things aren’t as set in stone as when I work, as there are doctors apointments, errands, things to do, etc, so while I try to make good choices, it doesn’t always happen.

typical day off work:

6 whole eggs, scrambled
1 cup (dry measure) oats

workout, 3 scoops Plazma

2 cans tuna, mixed with maybe 2 Tbsp hellman’s mayo
1.5 cups (cooked measure) white rice

something. some sort of leftover protein, maybe another can of tuna +
rice, maybe a whey shake, and of course sometimes just nothing

typical dinner: steak + green veggie, chicken + green veggie, salmon +
green veggie, etc., with the addition of Indigo, these meals have also
included 1 cup (cooked measure) of white rice.

There is an occasional Five Guys burger in there- but I have cutback to just one of their double bacon cheeseburgers (use to be 2)- I never get fries/drink. But this is occasional, as in, I know I had one 2 weeks ago, but the last time prior to that was probably 3 months prior to that.

Lunch on Saturday is usually out somewhere. This is the only full day off that my wife and I have together, so we usually end up out running around doing things- almost always end up doing some sort of a grocery run. This usually puts us at Wegman’s and eating from their buffet. Typically, I try to get some protein that isn’t breaded and some cleaner carb choice like roasted potatos. Yesterday I had 8-10oz chicken with ~1.5cup vegetable fried rice (the potatos looked like crap). If not Wegman’s buffet, sometimes it could be a Chipotle burrito bowl (no tortilla) or ChickfilA- in which case I would usually just get 2x12packs with honey mustard sauce.

Also, worth noting, prior to dropping milk, before bed around 9pm I would have a tall (14oz-ish) glass of milk and a spoon or two of natural peanut butter. I dropped the milk recently after reading Shugart talk about how it really bloats most people even if they otherwise have no problems with it. Dropped the milk to see if maybe part of what I was seeing was milk bloat. No difference yet, though maybe it’s too soon.

I don’t drink much alcohol, 2-3 craft beers on a Friday night maybe once a month, 1-2 glasses of red wine one night maybe every other month. I don’t have much trouble with sweets either, don’t really keep them in the house other than what my wife thinks she’s hiding.

I am about a week into Indigo, using per label instructions, and so far I haven’t noticed anything. I did not have any initial weight gain then loss as I’ve seen a lot report. I could list all the things that others report, that I’m not experiencing, but suffice it to say, I have notice nothing. Now, I’m not too hung up on that as I said it has only been 1 week. Whether or not I continue with Indigo, I still want to fix my nutrition however I need to, to get myself on track with where I want to go. I decided to try Indigo because of the great sale this month, but realistically it probably isn’t in the budget, at least not long term.

I think that’s enough at least to get started. If there’s something glaring I am missing or something else that could be helpful, please let me know.

I’m just lost here. My eating is way better than it has been at other times in my life. There was a point when I was 21-22 that I would eat 3 double cheeseburgers, small coke, small fry at McD’s M/W/F all in the name of getting big (not bad for $5.25 though, come on), and at this point I can’t recall the last time I ate at McD’s- litereally years. Thanks for any and all help.

Your food choices look good overall. Only thing to watch for is the little cheats here and there. Not a big deal, but I’ve always liked what Bill Roberts had to say about looking at calories over the period of a week or even a month, not just daily. So, take a month long period, add in the occasional beer, wine, less then good choices when out, etc. and it may add up to just enough calories or “bad” stuff to be slowing down fat loss progress. Best to drop all those extras for a good 4 weeks.

Also, while I think most experienced lifters can avoid meticulous food logs in the long run, it’s sometimes to good to keep one for a few weeks just to see where you’re at. It’s tricky because Indigo-3G allows people to eat more carbs because of the partitioning effects, and it’s hard to count the calories and carbs in things like Plazma because they act very differently on the body than whole food carbs, even having a thermic effect. Still, it’s good to log everything for a week or two, see where you’re, then start adjusting. Keep the carbs up to get the most out of Indigo-3G but drop cals just a little.

Only food choice I’d suggest avoiding (besides the obvious cheats/beer) is mayo. It’s a frankenfood in general, but you can make it yourself easily (recipe in my blog). That small thing isn’t throwing everything off, but it al adds up when you look at diet by the month vs. by the day. Like dropping the milk, over a few weeks’ time the positive benefits will really add up.

Not sure how you’re using the Airdyne, but I’d suggest conditioning style instead of traditional cardio style. If you haven’t seen this, give it a read: 10 minutes of this after weight training, or 15 minutes on an off day or separate session when you can fit it in will work wonders.

Finally, yes, give Indigo-3G more than 7 days and I think you’ll be very pleased. Keep taking those belly/waist measurements; this is a much better guideline than the scale.

Thanks for taking a look Chris!

I would avoid some of the oats/rice on non training days. Might make a difference in regards to body composition.

[quote]Ecchastang wrote:
I would avoid some of the oats/rice on non training days. Might make a difference in regards to body composition.[/quote]

Even while taking Indigo-3G?

[quote]dez6485 wrote:

[quote]Ecchastang wrote:
I would avoid some of the oats/rice on non training days. Might make a difference in regards to body composition.[/quote]

Even while taking Indigo-3G?[/quote]

The other guy is incorrect.

You need around 300g daily of carbohydrates when using Indigo-3G. Even our formerly obese Indigo-3G users hit that number or close to it and dropped body fat. Oats and rice are good solid-food choices. Worst thing you can do is adopt a low carb diet when using Indigo-3G. (Gotta give the body something to repartition after all.) Now, if you decide to drop some overall cals based on your log and weekly results, no problem if some of that comes from carbs to balance things out. I doubt it’s needed though given the other cumulative tweaks we discussed above.

10-4, thanks Chris.

Yes, I stand corrected, I somehow missed the Indigo-3G part.

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