I'm in! (Mo's V-Diet Log)

Alright, I’m in. I actually started yesterday, but didn’t have time to post. (Ok, maybe I wanted to make it through the first day before I got on here). I did the original V-Diet 4 years ago. Back then I didn’t take any pictures or measurements and I don’t even know how much weight I lost.

I was already in really good shape - I just wanted to go the extra mile to look good in a bathing suit (which is way harder than looking good naked, I swear!- for a woman, that is.) The result: total success in my book. I looked great and it gave me some extra confidence.

Anyway, the reason I’m doing it again is that I put on some extra weight when I changed jobs about 2 years ago. Over a year and a half I put on about 15-20 lbs due to decreased activity and working a very stressful 70-100 hrs/wk.

I was a college athlete and for the 3 years from graduation until I took that job, I had no problem staying in shape. I love to lift and jump rope. I was always playing ball, rock climbing, xc skiing, or just keeping my cardio up in the gym.

Thank goodness I’ve gotten back to an active lifestyle! I quit that job in November, and started training for a half marathon. I completed my goal and lost about 12-15 lbs in the process. I’m using the V-Diet to take me the rest of the way, and to get my eating habits back on track. I’m generally a very healthy eater, but carbs are a slippery slope.

I like the shakes, so that’s not a problem. Yesterday (Day 1) I was hungry…a lot! I’m thinking that posting in this forum is gonna be what gets me through this time around.

Took pics and measurements this morning. Will post 'em tonight!

Welcome back! Look forward to seeing your progress =)

Welcome (back) aboard!

About the hunger: Be aware of the hunger vs. habit phenomenon. Remind yourself that you’re well-nourished, “eating” 5-6 times per day.

Sure, you may be legitimately hungry right before your next shake, but often what we think of as “hunger” is really just habit: eating at certain times of the day, at certain events, snacking while watching TV or what’s called “task snacking.”

Also, there’s true hunger and there’s a craving. Very different. But the V-Diet can help you learn to see the difference.

Keep us updated!

Welcome back. I usually drink LOTS of water to help with hunger pangs. As Chris said, it’s usually the habit that is the problem and not really hunger. Every time my kids say they are hungry within 2 hours of eating, I make them drink a glass of water. That usually holds them for another hour.

Day 2…
So far waaaay easier than Day 1.

The hunger thing:
My Flameout doesn’t arrive till tomorrow, so that component was missing from my first two meals yesterday. I picked up a bottle of fish oil caps in the afternoon to sub for the Flameout until it gets here. The fish oil has made a big difference. I was foolish to think it was ok to go even 1 day w/o it.

OK, here are the stats:

Height 5ft 6
Weight 138
Neck 12
Shoulders 38
Chest Upper 36
Chest Lower 32.5
Waist at Navel 31
Waist at Largest 34.5
Hips at Largest 34.5
Upper Arm 11.5
Upper Leg 23.75
Lower Leg 14
Ankle 8.75

Pictures to follow…

Front View

Side View…

Backin it up…Sorry again for the sideways crap.

I was actually kind of startled by these pics. They definitely made me feel like I NEED to be doing the V-Diet. I’m doing the right thing!

Secondly, they gave me a real appreciation of everyone else’s ability to take pictures w/o having them come out all grainy 'n yellow.

I’d love to hear any tips on taking better pics w/a cameraphone. (It’s a decent one too!)

Day 2 is over, and it went really well. I’m pumped for results!

Plus, my Flameout arrived :slight_smile:

I think it really depends on the MP of your phone! I have a digital camera so I’ve got no ideas for ya! And you’re right the Flameout IS fantastic. I didn’t have it for the first day and a half so I was taking the Carlson’s Super Omega AND DHA gems - Something like 18 of the Super O’s and 7 of the gems to equal the 5 Flameouts we take per day. It was ridiculous. Plus, it still didn’t have the CLA in it!

RI, eh? New England in the summer is SO awesome!

Day 3, and I’m so stoked! Had another flavor of MD arrive last night: big fan of the strawberry.

I’ve never cared for the choc. (as many have said, too sweet), but I’m gonna give it another whirl w/some coconut & almond extract. See if I can get an almond joy thing goin on.

Polsen, New England summers are great… mostly b/c of how long we wait for them! I’m sure you wait even longer in upstate NY. I went to college there so I know what that’s about.

It was in the 80’s and 90’s the last few days here, which really gave me that extra nudge: summer is right around the corner! Well, realistically, it’s a good month away, but the timing works out fine for me.

I’m probably on some sort of Wk1 high, but I already feel like changes are happening. I’m envisioning myself already having acheived the end results. Trying to stay positive!

I’ve got some raging allergies right now, so I’m super congested. But its actually making this diet easier. It’s kind of knocked my taste buds out of commision, so I’m not craving ANY food.

And I keep having to look back at my menu breakdown b/c I cannot believe that I get to have PB (or Almond Butter - soooo good last night) every single night! It’s almost too good to be true.

Day 4!

Yesterday, I experienced my first moment of adversity on the diet. Went on a date last night (to the movies = safe. no food necessary). But, I had to decline an invitation to grab a bite after.

Not totally sure how to handle dating on the V-Diet: “Yea, I’m off food for the next 25 days. I mean, I have a meal once a week, so if you’re not doing anything on Saturday…”.

Haha. Should be interesting.

I’m actually in Western NY…where’d you go to school? I went to Niagara.

Not ideal, but I just decided to stop dating for the 28 days. Though I’m not a big “dater” anyhow. I hate the fact that dinner is always the default date. To me it’s typical, weak, effortless, and reptitive. I haven’t gone on a dinner date in a long, long time.

Ah, Western NY. I forgot how actual natives differentiate b/w different parts of NY state, and don’t just call everything north of Westchester “Upstate” :slight_smile:

I went to RPI in Troy, so not quite as hardcore as the Niagara/Lockport/B-Lo area. But it is the home of Uncle Sam, so… yea.

I didn’t realize people even dated anymore until this came along. Good excuse to come up w/some more creative options. Shouldn’t be a problem b/c I don’t really date boring dinner-date types. I guess I’m just anticipating the hilarious way I will eventually explain this diet… I know I’ll find it funny.

Yeah, most people think like that. I guess we find it necessary because we can get to Detroit, Columbus, DC, Philly and Ottawa faster than we can get to NYC…plus the fact that they take all of our tax dollars creates resentment when people hear NY and assume the City. There is SO much more!

From the pictures (and turning my monitor sideways to look at them without getting sick) you will do well on this. If you look at austin2174’s before and after shots, you will notice how the body kind of springs out around the underwear on the hips in the before shot. The underwear is kind of compressing the fat. Then, in the after shots, there is a smooth curve with no noticeable “springing” and it’s like a continuous womanly curve that gets me (and other guys) all flustered when we see stuff like it. Not that I am looking at you in that way…yet.

Day 4 is in the books! I finally understand what people are talking about when they say they felt so full by shake #5. That didn’t happen to me at all the first time I did this diet, but it happened today. Partially b/c I overblended it - was making it and watching the C’s v Bulls and got distracted. Lots of extra foam.

I haven’t really had food cravings so far… except when I was driving home tonight ready for shake #5 I really wanted egg whites with pb. But, pb often makes me crave egg whites. Great combo if you haven’t tried it.

Icarus, you’re right about the outfit. I mean, I was aware that it was compressing the fat…but thanks for pointing that out! jk It’ll be all good when the results are in.

Can’t believe it’s day 5 tomorrow. Gotta pick up some new extracts to mix things up. And get on that pudding recipe.

Day 5…

Did the workout and NEPA first thing this morning with shake #1 in between. I think I’ll be doing my workouts like this from now on. I have so much more energy in the morning. I know generally it’s better to lift in the afternoon, but I’ve always felt stronger & more clearheaded during morning lifts. Plus, no waiting for stations or people trying to work in and screw up my 45 sec rests!

Trying to figure out the first HSM. Probably Sunday, so I can do my measurements that morning and have had 6 solid days on the diet. At this point, I could care less what the meal is. It’ll be nice to put my teeth back to work.

I’ve been having some veggie cravings today, which is just a reminder of how much @ss this diet kicks!

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