I'm Doing it Again

It seems when all things fail, i always come back to the V-Diet.

I know it works and i know i can lose wight if i just stick to it.

Im really stressed at the moment, moving house launching a new business so the last thing i’m thinking about is food and the V-Diet removes that.

Day 1: 246lbs.

Height 5’10
Aim after 28 days: Sub 220lbs.
Waist at naval: 45
U-arm flexed cold: 18
Upper thigh: 31
Calf: 18
Chest relaxed nipple: 46
Lower chest/upper abdomen - 39

Here goes nothing.

Today is day 2 and i’ve not quit yet, normally i quit around day 3 lol so 2 more to go and should be fine from then on.

Day 2 in the books, onwards an upwards. Also managed to refrain from my OCD daily weighing.

so day 3 is here, my ocd kinda crept up on me, weighed in this morning and i’m down 7lbs after 2 days.

Not getting too excited, bloat, water and digestive contents etc.

Confident i’ll break my 220 barrier easily.

Day 3 is now in the books now, phew. felt the hunger today, couldn’t find any peanut butter at the shop so i had 30-40 grams of cashes and almonds to get some of my fat in.

Morning of day 4. Things seem to be going ok now. But damn i miss savory taste.

Not feeling hungry today so just guna keep my mind of food and crack on.

Hopefully from now i can coast and just get this done. Had blood work done and it seems my E2 is a little high so i wana get rid of some body fat to try and lower this. For once my reason for dieting is not just for visual purposes, no it’s more than that. Health and well being.

Never had this kind of motivation before, it’s new to me. and pretty powerful.

Sounds good bro keep it up…
Are you still in Cairo?

[quote]egyptianBulk wrote:
Sounds good bro keep it up…
Are you still in Cairo?[/quote]

u been hiding under a rock? Long time no speak.

Yeah im still here, hows australia?

Yeah mate been out of the circuit for a while now! (Tore my right calf and a dislocated shoulder) now back in action!
I moved to London in May 2012 but am living between London and Alexandria… So its been hectic at work lately with all the traveling. How’s business in Cairo?

Nice London!!

Ye Cairo isn’t to bad i guess. Not as bad as it looks from the outside, just launched a new internet business which was a bit risky but i think’ll it’l be fine.

What you doing in London anyway?

It’s the morning of day 5…

9lbs down after 4 complete days.

3 inches off my waist so far.

Early days but its getting easier now.

Just over 237lbs at the moment, 17 more to go for my target.

But too be honest it’s not too much about the weight and more about measurements. I really wana get waist to at least 38, 36-37 if possible. I carry a ridiculous amount of fat on m love handles and lower back.

Just finished at the gym…

Damn that was hard,

Some triceps.

Kept the rest periods short reps all around 10-12 except the deadlifts kept them at 5.

Damn this is getting hard.

Day 6: FML this is getting hard. Having my HSM 2moro as here in Egypt the weekend is friday and saturday, i wanted to leave my fist meal as long as possible so 2moro is the best i can do.

I always forget about the weird cravings u get while on this diet, even minor things become desirable.

Day 6 done. Sat with the wife while she ate kfc, my bro ate chips. Wante to eat, didn’t.

Hunger has almost gone, the sensation of eating is what i miss really. Workout today was back, traps and bi’s.

Wasn’t fun n the lack of cals are making recovery slow. I’ll get by though.

Can’t wait for the hsm tomorrow. :slight_smile:

It’s the Morning of day 7… HSM at some point today and i can’t frickin wait!!

Day 1: 246lbs.

Height 5’10 Day: Total change
Weight 246—236.7 -10lbs
Waist at naval: 45—41.5 -3.5
U-arm flexed cold: 18—17.75 -.25
Upper thigh: 31—30 -1
Calf: 18—18 0
Chest relaxed nipple: 46—46 0
Lower chest/upper abdomen - 39—37.5 -1.5

So here it is, results as of the morning of day 7. Pretty impressed so far. I’ve not lost as much as fast as i did the first time i did the v-diet, but hey it’s not a competition. Leaves me with 16lbs or so to lose over the next 3 weeks which i still believe is attainable.

I want to hit 230 this time next week, going to add in cardio this week after my workouts to try and speed the process up a little bit.

So the HSM camee and it was pretty disappointing.

I went to TGI’s normall the quality of the good here in Egypt is awesome.

I had a 340gm plain steak with steamed veggies and shrimp. Me an my wife shared a garden salad.

Meh wasn’t too impressed at all. Food isn’t that important to me anymore really. Wish i just had shakes to be honest. Oh well there is always next week.

Day 8, 20 more to go :frowning:

Day after my first hsm, weight is 238.2 so exactly 1.5lbs heavier than the morning of the HSM which is understandable.

Other than weight almost 4 inches off my naval is pretty sweet to be honest and thats whats keeping me motivated at the moment. Also man moobs feel a little firmer and not as soft as well which is also motivating.

Lets see what the next 20 days have in store!

Feeling fine today, recovery from the gym is a little slower than normal which is a pain in the ass but it comes with the territory.

Meh, day 8 done. Pretty bored if i must say so!

keep it up!

Day 9 is no here, i’m in the ‘This is normal life stage’ where the prospect of not eating and shakes being my source of nutrition doesn’t bother me anymore now.

Todays wright is 236.5 so i dipped below the weight i was on the morning of my fist hsm.

Naval has lost another 0.5 inches, steady 41’’ now.

Today should be relatively easy.

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