I'm a Fat Bitch!

Just started yesterday…regretting it yesterday. I haven’t felt hungry at all but the mental addiction to food is crazy! I swear I went through withdrawls like a drug addict would. I felt shaky and weak around 3pm. I’m doing much better today which I hope holds up since it’s my first work out night. I am looking for ideas to make these shakes a bit better since I’m not a big sweets person.

I’ve been craving everything salty in the house. I’m not sure if it’s cheating but I took 6 sunflower seeds and sucked the salt right out of them and spit the whole seed and shell out. I figured it wouldn’t kill me and might satisfy that need for salt.

I just realized how large the picture I posted was. That’s awesome cause you can really zoom in on my double chin. If that’s not insentive I don’t know what is :slight_smile:

Does anyone else think the shakes are almost too much in one serving? I had the morning shake with 2 scoops of protein and 2 tbs. of flax seed. It’s 12:15 and I should be having another and I’m not even close to hungry. I also noticed that you are mixing the shakes with 16oz. of water, but when I’m done mixing it all up I’ve almost got 2 full 16oz. glasses.

Check out my post on Cutting back on MD. I have to drink 3 scoops at meal 1 an 5. Ugh… For you my advise is to cut it with more water. Try drinking 1/3 and filling back up with water then let you eyes roll back into your head and chug like it is rush week. Seriously cutting with water helps me. I often follow a shake with a glass of water too but, that may be too much for you. I hope this helps.

16oz of water is way too much imo. i use 8oz on all my shakes.

What teses posts above tell me is that everyone is different!

Find what works best for you, whilst still sticking to the supplement intake quantities as much as you can.

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