Started my 2nd V-Diet today.

Last one was “Time to Do Something Dramatic.”

I went from 219.6 to 200 by the end of the 6 weeks.

That story’s here:

Been hovering around 199-200 with a few flashes of 197.

All while eating a shit-ton of food.

Weekly weighings, eating cleaner than I ever have in my life, and an occasional Pulse Fast have kept me in check.

The “attention” after doing the first round has been a welcome change, as well.

I started last time thinking I needed to drop about 25-30 pounds to get where I want to be.

It looks like 35 is about right.

5-9, 185 has a nice ring to it.

So I’m shooting for 185 this time around.

Ate like a pig this weekend- had my first real pizza since I started the V-Diet- so I drifted to 201.5, which could easily drop in the next day or 2.

The theme is different this time around: “Finish What You Started.”

Last time, I ran instead of doing NEPA.

Not that it matters much, but I lost a substantial amount of strength during that time.

Only this Saturday was I able to deadlift 415 3x4, which is still pretty lame compared to my pre-V numbers.

Not interested in a repeat.

So I’ll be a good boy and do NEPA “only as directed.”

Besides, I’m more enamored by the “Minimum Effective Dose” concept now.

Won’t be doing the HOT-ROX as I had heart palpitations last time.

And, the calorie level will be a bit lower, obviously.

I chose to do the intermediate program instead of the advanced, to mix things up.

Plus, a shoulder injury would have prevented the overhead squats and wall pushups this time around.

I’m am busy, busy, busy so won’t be posting as often as last time.

Also, decided to have my oh-so-sexy pics done at Glamour Shots.


Feels good to be back on the V.


Your plan sounds great. 185 is right around the corner.


Thank you, Danielle.

Day 5’s almost in the bag.

This one’s been a yawner.

I had none of the gas or bloating like I did week 1 of Part 1.

That’s probably because I have a blender with a spigot and I pour it into a glass.

This eliminates the bubbles at the top and by the time I’ve reached the “bottom,” that stuff’s all burned off, so to speak.

The key to this thing, as I’ve said before, is to STAY BUSY.

The point is proven by the contrast between my wife and me.

She works 3 days, and I work all the time.

On her off days, she’s been working on house projects, while I’m just up to my eyeballs in work.

She’s struggled a bit, while I have not.

Perhaps some of it’s due to this being my second time around.

OTOH, this really wasn’t that big a deal the first time.

Really, for me, there’s no time to think about it.

When there’s 30 minutes or less to mealtime, my body tells me, “It’s time to eat.”

Or drink, that is. Almost an internal clock is set.

There’s been a time or two where I thought to myself, “Man, this is a grind.”

Not the difficulty, just the repetitiveness of it.

This afternoon I was thinking, “Geezus, how many more weeks of this?”

But then I move on and it passes.

Not knowing what to expect in terms of weight loss this time, I was surprised to have had the sensation that already, my waistline is shrinking.

Also, while I’ve had my “spacey” moments, my energy’s been MUCH better this time around.

Maybe due to the much less intense NEPA?

Don’t know, but it’s better.

Got my chalk in a few days ago, so deadlifts went well.

Man, those workouts chew you up, don’t they?

I flat-out forgot to take measurements, but maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

Really only focused on one number: the scale reading.

And I’m paying close attention to my strength levels.

If I detect any serious slippage, I’ll make some adjustments.

So far, so good.

Onward, V-Dieters!


One other thing…

In the past, I’d seen a lot of bitching about how the shakes taste.

Just go out and try some of this sh** that’s on the market.

I’d run out of the Drive while I was out of town a few weeks ago and had to settle for the crap they stock at Walmart… my GOD!


Far as I’m concerned, the Biotest stuff is the best I’ve ever tasted… particularly the Surge.

Anyway, just my 2 cents.


Cool log. Keep us posted!


Good feedback!

Metabolic Drive is actually my go-to dessert. When my husband and I were dating, he gave me a glass of thick frosty chocolate Metabolic Drive, and I thought he was trying to sabotage my diet with a sugar-laden milkshake.

Glad to see it’s going well for ya!


Weighed myself this morning.

193.6, baby!

There was a tiny, little voice in my head saying, “Wait a minute, scale’s broke.”

There’s a scale at the gym and I hopped on it last week, so I knew the number would be good.

Just not that good.

I’m only one week in and only have NINE MORE POUNDS TO GO.

Not celebrating yet, as I realize that there could be a week or two where nothing happens.

A few interesting notes:

I’ve only done one honest day of NEPA.

Just no time this go-round and I’m focused on maintaining strength.

Instead, what I’ve done is run HARD for 5 minutes as a warm-up before my workouts.

I start at 10.5-11.0 MPH for the first minute and gradually dial my way down to 4.6 MPH for the last minute.

Totally revved up and ready to go once I step off.

After my workout (M-W-F), I hop back on and repeat at a slightly slower tempo, as the workout has kicked my ass.

I try to burn 100 cals before and after the workout, per the treadmill (yes, I know it may not be accurate at all).

No V-Burn, either.

My right shoulder’s still a mess and I can’t even do one hand walkout right now.

I did interval jump roping instead, which gets the heart rate almost as high as the advanced V-Burn did during round 1.

Since I’m not taking the HOT-ROX, I’m drinking a fair amount of Diet Coke.

No cravings for crap foods AT ALL.

I was Jonesing for steak yesterday, so we had sirloin, a great vinaigrette salad, eggs over easy, spinach, grilled yellow/orange/red peppers and strawberries.

Ummmm, why the hell do we ever go out to eat?

Life is good.

OTOH, my wife’s gained 2 pounds.

I told her to focus on the measurements, and she refused to do before/after photos.

She’s had a few cheats already.

It’s too bad, because if you do this half-assed, you get even less than half-assed results.

She decided to switch to one meal/day.

Okey-dokey, it ain’t the V-Diet.

My wife’s not me, and thank God she’s not, because there’s only room in this house for one hard-driving, maniacal A-hole.

So hopefully she makes some changes and continues to move in a DRAMATICALLY healthier direction- something she’s made great strides on in the last few weeks.

One thing that I really like about the V-diet is that it taps into that psychotic, man-on-a-mission part of me in a way that nothing else quite has.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot to kind of cover up that aspect, in an effort to… conform, maybe? That’s not really the word.

Whatever it is, I think I’ve done my family and myself a disservice by trying to be moderate.

Fuck moderate.

Peter Drucker said that the only time something gets done is when you have a monomaniac with a mission on board.

Instead of trying to mute that, I’m choosing to celebrate it.

When you direct that energy in a positive (and non-destructive) manner, things really start to happen.


I’ve already taken a lot of the lessons I learned in Round 1 to my business, my finances, as a youth sports coach, and in my personal life, and it’s been paying spectacular dividends.

In addition, along with cutting out the fat, I’ve made it a priority to cut out the bullshit in my life that I’d been putting up with or tolerating for far too long… just like tolerating myself being a strong guy, but a fatass nonetheless.

There’s SO much more to this process than just losing a few pounds.

I hope you’re getting this.

If not, snap to and take notice.

Part of this process is also coming to peace with the fact that hardly anyone’s going to be as committed or passionate about this, or anything else for that matter, as you are.

And being okay with it.

And maturing to the point where you don’t feel the need to belittle or judge others for their lack of commitment, discipline, or simply for their ill-conceived, ass-backward point of view.

For me, that’s Part II.



Had some weird things happen this week… some dizziness, flashes.

Thursday evening, I’d been writing and researching for several hours.

My gut told me it was time to eat, and it was right.

I stood up, walked to the kitchen and my legs started shaking, the lights started flashing, and I probably would have passed out and fallen to the floor if I hadn’t caught the counter.

My son says, “WHAT are you doing?”

“Just fooling around.”

“It looked like you were dancing.”

Yeah… dancing.

There’d been a few incidents earlier in the week- unsteadiness, dizziness, light-headedness etc.

It was an off day, no workout, no Surge, but I’d done some NEPA on some machines I’d never used, plus some swimming that morning.

Nothing strenuous, but I think my body prefers that I either work out and take the Surge, or don’t do anything at all this time around.

I had a meal that night and started to feel better.

Not really interested in any more convulsions or “accidental” falls, so I moved to 1 HSM/day on the days that I don’t work out.

Other than the occasional spells on non-workout days, things have been going well.

The fat continues to melt off and while I don’t weigh myself until Monday morning, I expect the number to be good. Even if it’s not, the inches are falling off. There’s a little more to go around the middle, but there’s a lot that’s gone since I started.

My workouts have been OUTSTANDING- really moving and grooving, and feeling much better energy-wise during exercise than last time.

So… it ain’t the v-diet, but I’m going to continue at 1 HSM/day, as needed.


Scrapped the one-a-day plan and haven’t had any of the “episodes” I’d reported earlier.

This week was a CLEAN week.

Surprisingly, I’m not sick of the shakes yet.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and once in awhile I’ll throw in a scoop or banana or strawberry.

Looks like maybe “The Grind” took place in week 2.

This week, it didn’t feel like the weight was coming off- waist seems about the same-
but I peeked at the gym scale today, so I expect Monday’s number to be good.

Funny thing, before V-Diet 1, if you said, “Suck in your abs,” they’d barely move.

Now, I can approximate the vacuum look.

I’m really killing the workouts, but they’re also killing me.

8 reps on DL is more than I’m accustomed to- I generally stay around 5 or less.

If you keep moving according to the prescribed time, this workout’s an ass-kicker.

Feeling good, so long as I get my sleep. When it’s time to go down for the night, it’s time.

If you’re doing this thing, stick with it, do it exactly as written.

The oft-reported “cheats” here and there really end up costing you.

Yeah, you can get back on the horse, but there’s nothing like saying, “I did the damned thing like they taught me.”

You can build some serious character on this program.

And that pays much bigger dividends than the weight loss itself.



Haven’t seen that number since high school.

I’ve lost 30 pounds since I started Round I of this program.

I wouldn’t say I’m within spitting distance of my goal, but I’m getting close.

5.4 to go.

Decided to try the HOT-ROX again for the final week’s push.

Will keep an eye on the ticker.

Even if I don’t get it by next Monday, by the time the transition phase is over,

I gotta believe that I’ll be 5 pounds lighter.


I just wanted to say thanks for posting and having the willpower to make it this far.


[quote]Jakeneller wrote:
I just wanted to say thanks for posting and having the willpower to make it this far.[/quote]

I’ll second that…


[quote]Jakeneller wrote:
I just wanted to say thanks for posting and having the willpower to make it this far.[/quote]

Thanks, Jake.

Thanks, Bo.

I feel kinda bad about it, but this time I’m not posting like I did last time on mine or anyone else’s thread.

I’m just SOOOOO busy with work right now.

Good busy, but the days are just flying by.

And it’s nice to know that I’m not talking to myself.


I’m doing one HOT-ROX/day, and that seems to be working.

But I have noticed that it takes a LOT longer to recover immediately after my workouts.

As it is, my HR is sky-high during the workouts.

I’ve made a concerted effort to discipline myself to REALLY, HONESTLY

stay on the schedule with these short rest periods,

AND increasing my weights each session.

Since taking the HOT-ROX, my HR stays REALLY high for a few hours afterwards.

Or maybe it’s just that I’m paying close attention.

It’s just not something I’d noticed before, so I really don’t have

a baseline to use as a point of reference.

I missed a meal the other day, didn’t seem to make a difference.

This week, my schedule’s been a little screwy, so I haven’t been able to

eat “on demand” as usual.

I’m beginning to actually LIKE the feeling of hunger.

My belief is that’s my signal that I’m REALLY losing weight.

It tells me that my body is actually READY to be fed,

instead of my lizard brain CONVINCING me that I “have to” eat.

It also tells me that I’m using food for the purpose it was DESIGNED for:


Another concept that’s been attractive this week is something

that’s covered in Herman Hesse’s “Siddartha.”

When his friend asks the Buddha, “Why do you fast?” he answers:

“Because then you can LAUGH at hunger.” [paraphrase]

There’s something to that. That’s a sentence that’s stuck with me

for many years. I’ve never practiced any sort of fasting-

always loved food so much.

Looking at my old start photos, gee, THAT was obvious.

But that concept has been on my mind this week, and I’m liking it.

I’m becoming less of a slave to my desires and more a master of myself.

I feel more in control of myself, my actions, my choices.

Believe me, I’m riddled with faults,

but this concept of self-mastery is really intoxicating.

This process is really going to launch me to new heights in a lot of ways.

Honestly, with regards to work, it already has.

There is no proper or adequate way to thank Chris and

whoever else it was who came up with this program.

And I seriously owe Dan John a thank you for mentioning this

process in his book a few times.

And I want to thank you for reading this.

My hope here is that you get a chance to make this

journey of self-discovery, so you can feel this way.

It’s positively magical, there’s nothing else like it,

and no words can adequately describe it.


Got together with some friends and family tonight.

It’s really interesting “watching” the new me eat.

Piling on the protein and vegetables, avoiding the nachos, skipping the breads.

Who the hell is this person?

And why doesn’t he seem to care that he’s missing out on all this stuff?

The palate re-conditioning certainly worked in Round I.

It seems to be reinforced this time around.

I feel like Monday’s number will be VERY close to the target.

We’ll see.

One more day to transition week 1.


Stepped on the scale.

However, this morning I’d had 16oz water, 20oz Diet Coke, plus my post-workout Surge.

So I’m calling it 186.

And I’d bet my left nut that’s more accurate (not that I have much use for it anymore).

A pound away from where I wanted to be.

So that’s the good news.

Bad news is, I think I still have another 10 pounds to go.

Jesus Christ, if you’d told me before I started all this that I needed to lose 45 fcking pounds, I might not have ever started.

I’m mortified that I ever let myself get SO fcking FAT.

But that’s old news.

Granted, I believe I’ve added muscle this time around.

But there’s still room for improvement around the middle.

So I guess the new target is 175.

I’m going to TRY to watch my portion sizes more carefully this time around, now that I’m on HSM’s and see if I can lose anything more during the transition.

Another 5 would be nice.

Post round I, ate like a HOG but didn’t gain any weight.

So I -imagine- that a more careful eye on portion size might be enough to gradually get me down to 175.

People keep telling me I’m still losing weight (“I can’t believe how much YOUNGER you look!”), so I know it’s not just the scale.

My first HSM for the week: 3 fried eggs, 1/4 cup refried black beans (veg), big bowl of salad with 4 oz chicken breast and vinaigrette dressing, one orange, 8 small-to-med strawberries.

Probably ate just a tad more than I should’ve but I absolutely SMOKED IT in the gym and that meal had to carry me for 4 hours.

I’ll likely scale it back tomorrow in terms of volume.

Feel like I’m hitting on all cylinders right now… feels good.


Bounced the Friday workout to Saturday and TORE IT UP.

The workouts have really gone great from day one this time.

I’m bouncing between 186-189.

Still need to drop about 10 lbs.

So for Transition Week 2, I may very well flip a coin each day

to determine whether it’s a 1 or 2 HSM day.


Height: 5’ 9"


Neck…18…16 1/2…16 1/2…16
Shoulders…53 1/2…51…50…48
Chest- Upper …47…45…44…43
Chest- Lower …44 3/4…44…42…41
Waist… 40 3/4…37 3/8…37…34 1/4
Waist (largest)- 41 1/4…38 1/2…38…34 1/2
Hips …42 1/4…40 1/2…40 1/2…39
Upper Arm L…15 7/8…15…15…14
Upper Arm R…16…15…15…14
Upper Leg L…25 3/4…24…24…23
Upper Leg R…25 3/4…23 3/4…23 1/2…23 1/4
Lower Leg L…17 1/4…16 1/4…16…15
Lower Leg R…17 1/4…16 3/4…16…15 1/4

The goal was 185. Almost got it.

Still have some work left.

You’ll see when I post pics.

Probably 5-10 more pounds.

I had to laugh when I measured arms.

I thought only girls had 14 inch arms.

Things look different when you can actually SEE some muscle.

This diet does what it’s supposed to do.

When nothing else works, this will.


Well done! 220 to 185 in a little over 4 months is awesome.



Funny observation:

Apparently, even my shorts got smaller.


[quote]hockeydawg wrote:
Well done! 220 to 185 in a little over 4 months is awesome. [/quote]

Thanks, dawg.

Looking back, it doesn’t seem like 4 months.

It’s been kind of a whirlwhind.