Igloo's Transition Phase


I missed a week of transition because I took the family to florida this past week. I kept up with the workouts pretty much and drank shakes for all but two meals of the day. I did indulge in two beers on two seperate nights and that is a problem that I intend on fixing.

Here are the workouts and I begin week 1 of phase 2 today.

Romanian Deadlift: 205x8,8,8,8,8
Dip: BWx10,10,8,6,6
Lat Pulldown: 170x10,8,8,8,7
Hanging Knee raise: Bwx10,10,10,10

Dumbell Upright Row: 50x15,15,12,10
Pushup: BWx20,15,15
Reverse Lunge: 40x20,20,20
Wood Chop: 50x20,20,20

Deadlift-sumo stance: 275x10,8,8,8
Pushpress BB: 105x10,9,8,7,5
Lat Pulldown: 170x10,8,7,8,7
Hand Walkout: BWx10,10,7,7,6

Each day on vacation I walked for one hour at least if not more for my NEPA. I will update measurements and weight at the end of the weekend.


V-Diet Challenge

NEPA: Everyday 4miles @ 4mph and 1.0incline except for yesterday Sunday.

I fell off the wagon hard this last three days. I drank alcohol and binged on friday and saturday night. I feel awful about it and feel like I set myself back two weeks. I have gotten angry enough at myself for those two nights that I am motivated to keep on keeping on and get back on track here. I haven’t gained anything weight wise, but was more worried about the mental setback. ugh.


It’s okay. Get back to following the plan. Sounds like you are not going to let it derail you… which is great.

I really want to hear about your transition. The prospect of mine is a bit frightening. After you get going, it is easy when you have no options. You are in the tough part.

BTW… greg survived alcohol, St. Patrick’s day, etc… and has kept up the progress in his transition. I expect you will do the same.


Been a while since I posted.

Been following the transition phase half assed for a few weeks now.

I weighed in two days ago at 214lbs. That is a 3lbs loss since the end of the V-diet which is satisfactory to me. I would like to get between the 190-210lbs which is where I function best. I have rid my diet of alcohol so no issues there. I will continue to progress and update when I feel necessary. Thanks for following along.