Igloo's Diet Log


This will be my second full go around for the V-Diet.
Initial reasons for doing it again are to get leaned up for my trip to florida in a month. More long term reasons for wanting to go through this again is to try and get rid of my before bed and night eating problems. I am perfect through the day and then when I get home from a long day of work I eat dinner and then don’t stop until I go to bed.

I then proceed to wake up two to three times per night craving carbs (most likely because of blood sugar crash from all the shit I ate before bed time). I am sick of it. Last time I did the V-Diet I was 222 and went down to 204 at the end of the 28 days. I used evo pro casein whey and not Metabolic Drive. I am going to do the program as listed this time around.

Here are my stats. I will try to update daily to keep my azz going.

Height 6’2"
Weight 234LBS
Neck 16.5"
Shoulders 53"
Chest - Upper 47"
Chest - Lower 44.5"
Waist - at Navel 43"
Waist - at largest 43"
Hips - at largest 43.5"
Upper Arm - L 15"
Upper Arm - R 15.5"
Upper Leg - L 25"
Upper Leg - R 25.5"
Lower Leg - L 16"
Lower Leg - R 16.25"
Ankle - L 9"
Ankle - R 9"

I am in very good shape, but my body has seemed heavier and is taxing my joints more than it should lately. I can get up and run 10 miles at 7mph at any time. My PRs are: Bench: 265x1 (rotator cuff issue), Squat: 365x2, Deadlift: 405x1.
i will attach a few pictures later once my camera battery charges back up.

Thanks to any of you that follow along with me on the nightmare to change my current eating habit nightmare.

Here are the pictures pre-V-Diet.


1st day on V-Diet. Workout Intemediate level of the V-Diet training.

Front Squat: 155x5x4
Chin up: BWx5, BWx5, BWx3, BWx2, BWx1, BWx2, BWx2
Dumbell Bench Press: 75x6x5
Ab wheel rollout: BWx10x4

pretty easy workout, but like most routines it just starts out easy and progresses from there.


good luck!


Day 2

I am tired this morning. Could have slept another 4 or 5 hours with ease. I made it through the first night; three more nights to go and then I will have adjusted my brain part of the way so that I am not struggling as much with my desire for food and late night snacks.

Threw it in the wife and played some call of duty last night to keep my mind off of food. I am planning on building a couple shelves from wood for a hobby during the next 28 days.



I feel incredible!! I felt tired when I woke up, but after my 4mile NEPA walk at between 3.5 and 4.0 mph I feel wonderful.

I have had a chronic cough in the mornings since early October which had me thinking it was whooping cough. I was treated for bronchitis with pregnazone and an anti-biotic and it helped for a bit, but the cough came back a few days after. This makes me both very happy and very worried that I am having an alergic reaction to something I was eating… Thanks V-Diet.

Another benefit I’ve had is that I did not wake up from my slumber at all last night. I have been plagued with waking up two to three times every night to look for food over the last 8-12 months which led to a lot of my weight gain. It might be a one night miracle, but I hope not.

Going to work today until 3pm and then go do my workout after.

Anyone reading this, thank you and comments are welcome in my log; I find them very motivating.

Work Out #2
Reverse Lunge: 30lb dumbells : 9,10,8,8,6
Bent Over Row: 135lb barbell: 10,10,8,6,6
Push Press: 135lb barbell: 8, 8 ; 115lb barbell: 8,8,8
Barbell Curl: 80lb barbell: 10,8,8,5,9
Reverse Crunch: 10,10,10,10

Wore out, not used to rest periods and it burnt me out.



Last night was brutal, I was almost puking up my last shake as I laid there and was just craving every food I could think of. This sounds hilarious, but I slept in a room in the basement and turned the lock around and locked myself in the room with a big gatorade bottle to piss into if needed. I told my wife to wake me up in the morning. I did not want to succumb to diet failure in the middle of the night as was previously my problem.

Had to roll slowly out of bed this morning. Lunges are not my friend and my body was hurting because of it.
Started my NEPA walk at only 3.5mph and worked my way up to 3.7,3.8 and the last 2 of 4 miles at 4.0 mph. IT took a while to overcome the soreness. I feel great again today, but I know that another tough night is ahead of me until I reach somewhere around day 9 or 10. Pants are falling down a bit now and I need to drill another belt hole into my belt (great news).

Thats about it. Thanks again for reading my diet log.



NEPA: 3.8-4.2mph 1.0incline for 57 min and 4 miles.

Adjusting to shakes and how to wake up in the morning and going to bed sooner than before. I sleep like a rock, that is a great thing!
I am very sore, but still look forward to my workout this afternoon on my lunch break from my 12 hour day at work. I am also doing snow removal today at work which will be walking around for about 3 hours, just added NEPA I guess.
Haven’t slipped up yet and have followed the diet to the letter except for the superfood which is coming in the mail today along with the Flameout(have been supplementing with reg fish oil pills).

Workout #3 I want to kill the person that came up with the progression. My muscles and mind are screaming at me both before the workout, during the workout and definitely after the workout.

Deadlift: 245x8,8,8,8,8
Decline Dumbell Bench Press: 75x10,10,3; 52.5x10,9
Lat Pulldown: 12settingx10,8,8,7,5,2
knee hand walkout: BWx10,12,10,9,9



Broke down last night and had one zero calorie pickle. It seems as though there is nothing to a pickle except sodium which accounts for 120mg.

Woke up this morning after 8.5 hrs of sleep, only woke up to pee about 4 times; super long pees too!
Was very very sore this morning and struggled a lot during my NEPA walk. Was only able to log 3 miles at 3.5mph. I will attempt to log another mile or two this everning when I get home from work, but that depends on how the wife and three children are.

I hope the soreness goes away soon becuase i don’t think I can keep up with the workouts if I am going to be in pain like this every morning.



Not as sore today, but I slept like 10 hours and was just exhausted.

Weigh in this morning was 227.4lbs which is a 7lbs drop from starting weight.
I shot hoops for 30 minutes today and walked 2miles @ 4.3mph and 1.0 incline

I play to do the V-burn challenge in about 3 hours from now.

Here are my latest measurements in comparison with where I began:

Height 6’2"
Weight 227.4LBS Loss of 6.6lbs
Neck 16.1" (-.4")
Shoulders 51.5" (-1.5")
Chest - Upper 46.5 (-.5")
Chest - Lower 44 (-.5")
Waist - at Navel 40.5 (-2.5")
Waist - at largest 41.75 (-1.25")
Hips - at largest 42.5 (-1")
Upper Arm - L 15" (0")
Upper Arm - R 15.5" (0")
Upper Leg - L 24.5" (-.5")
Upper Leg - R 25.25 (-.25")
Lower Leg - L 16" (0")
Lower Leg - R 16 (-.25")
Ankle - L 9" (0")
Ankle - R 9" (0")

Total inches lost: 8.65
Total inches lost around fatty areas: 8
Great progress thus far and noticeable as well. A few more inches off my waist and I will be feeling pretty great and lean.

Looking forward to chicken parmesan for dinner tonight after my church group which ends at 7:45pm.
Wish me luck.





Feel great. Not sore today which is a new thing for the diet; shows progression and adaptation which is great.

NEPA: Walk 4.0mph at 1.0incline after waking up pre shake.

Front Squat: 155x5,5,5,5
Chin Up: BWx5,5,5,3,1,1,2
Dumbell Bench Press: 75x5,5,5,5Failed on last (5th)rep of last set.
Ab Wheel Rollout: BWx10,10,10,7,3


DAY 9:

Last night was a bit of a struggle as I woke up twice in the middle of the night looking for food. I did not cave and found my way back to bed in my groggy, foggy state. Hopefully not too many more of those nights moving forward.

Too tired to do NEPA in the morning.

Went home on my lunch from work and pounded out 4.0 miles @ 4.3mph and 1.0 incline while playing COD on PS3.


DAY 10:

NEPA this morning: 2miles @ 3.5,3.8mph 1.0incline 2 miles @ 4.0,4.3 1.0incline

Reverse lunge: 25lbs dumbells : 10,10,10,10

BOR: 155x8,8,6,6,7,5

Push Press barbell: 115x8,8,8,8,8

Barbell curl: 65x10,10,10,7,5

Reverse crunch on slant board: BWx10,10,10,10

I just keep on keepin’ on.


DAY 11

Still going…
NEPA: 4miles @ 4.0mph and 1.0 incline.

It is almost difficult to drink the shakes at this point like I want to skip some, but I have not been doing that since I know that will bring on strong cravings that will destroy the diet.


DAY 12

NEPA: 4 miles @ 4mph and 1incline at 5am this morning :frowning:


Dumbell Decline BP:

Lat Pulldown:

Hand Walkout: BWx10,10,10,10


DAY 13

NEPA: walk 4miles @ 3.7-4.3mph and 1.0 incline.

I am excited to step on the scale and take measurements tommorrow because I DO NOT FEEL LIKE I HAVE CHANGED PHYSICALLY ALL WEEK! Its frustrating and I hope to GOD that the scale or the measurements shows otherwise because if they don’t this will be very difficult to stick with for the remaining 14 days. Its not a fun diet as I remember.


DAY 14

NEPA: Walked 4miles @ 4.3-4.5mph and 1.0incline

Going to do the v-burn challenge in about 30 minutes from now.

Here are the two week mark weight and measurements:

Height 6’2"
Weight 222.3LBS Loss of 5.1lbs for the week 11.7lbs for the two weeks.
Neck 16" (-.5")
Shoulders 51.5" (-1.5") Same
Chest - Upper 46.0 (-1")
Chest - Lower 44 (-.5") *Same
Waist - at Navel 40.0 (-3")
Waist - at largest 40.75 (-2.25")
Hips - at largest 42.0 (-1.5")
Upper Arm - L 15" (0") Same
Upper Arm - R 15.4" (-.1")
Upper Leg - L 24.25" (-.75")
Upper Leg - R 25 (-.5")
Lower Leg - L 16" (0") Same
Lower Leg - R 16 (-.25") Same
Ankle - L 9" (0") Same
Ankle - R 9" (0") Same

Total inches lost: 11.85" increase of 3.2" for week 2.
Total inches lost around fatty areas: 10.25 increase of 2.25" for week 2
I feel a lot softer in my mid section lately even though the diet seems to be working as it should. I will chalk that up to WOOSHES OF SQUISHY FAT. That just means it is getting ready to exit the body, but is still holding onto water thinking it will go back to normal eating habits which shows how imperitive it is to keep going.

V-Burn Challenge: 38min. a reduction of 5min off previous time. It seems as my nervous system is adapting to the shorter rest periods. I tried to talk myself out of doing the hand walkouts (I hate these) and do a ab wheel, but I stuck with the program.

For my solid meal tonight I had stir fry with chicken breast, turkey breast, broccoli, califlower, a few carrots, a few black olives, mushrooms and asparagus.


DAY 15

NEPA: Walk 4.1miles @ 3.8mph and 1.5 incline

Front Squat: 175lbx6,5,5,4 (bar started slipping off my shoulder at bottom of lift from sweat)
Chin Up: BWx5,4,2,2,2,2,1,2
Dumbell Bench Press: 75dblx5,5,5,5
Ab Wheel Rollout: BWx10,10,10,10

20 second rest times are a bitch!


DAY 16

NEPA: Walked 4miles @ 3.8-4.0mph and 1.0incline

Twisted my neck wrong some how and slept like shit last night because of it.


DAY 17

NEPA: Walked 4miles @ 3.7/3.8mph and 1 incline.

Hips sore this morning.

Foul smelling flatulance. Disturbing… and smelling up every room of my home. Is this normal?

Will post workout later.

Reverse Lunge: 50x10,10,10,10
BOR barbell: 135x10,8,7,5,5,3,2
Push Press Barbell: 95x10,10,10,5,5
Barbell Curl: 70x10,10,6,7,7
Reverse Crunch: BWx10,10,10,10

I think I might have saw a hernia develop during my reverse crunches right below my sternum and above my belly button. Lets just hope it is my abdominal muscles overworking and not a hernia.


DAY 18

NEPA: walk 4 miles @ 4.0mph and 1.0incline

This shit is getting old…