IG3 New User Dosing, Surge Recovery Question

(1) What is the current dosing schedule for a first time user, assuming that the user can afford 12 caps per day? FWIW, I’m clocking in at around 210-215 lbs.

The reason I ask is that there are different schedules out there. The original dosing instructions were 4 caps 3x per day. ( ). The label says 6 caps once per day. I’ve also read recommendations in 2013 of 6 caps 2 times per day decreasing to a single dose of 6 caps per day after 8 weeks of use. ( ) decreasing to 6 caps 1 time per day after 8 continuous weeks.

(2) I have a bottle of Surge Recovery to go through. Any issues finishing that out in place of Plazma then switching to Plazma once the Surge runs out ? Can’t stand wasting money.


  1. The formula of <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G has been upgraded since it first came out, hence the different protocols. Right now, you can see results with 4-6 capsules per day. Four is more for the budget user, six is best for most people (in my personal experience and opinion). You can still take 6 capsules twice per day about 6 hours apart (or 4 twice per day) if you feel that you have many issues to solve. That’s what I recommend for those who really seem to have issues with carbs, have issues gaining muscle even when on a mass phase, or for former fat boys like myself who can gain fat very easily (though Indigo-3G fixes that). Then, after 8 weeks or so, move to single dosing. You don’t HAVE to move to single dosing, but Indigo seems to take care of most nutrient uptake and fat cell metabolism issues after that period of time. It’s not body-weight dependent though, more dependent on how badly you’re “messed up” as far as nutrient partitioning issues go. (Being badly messed up as a former very-fat guy, I stayed on 12 capsules for a year, then moved to 6, which I still use today. But not everyone needs that.)

  2. No problem with Surge Recovery. Still a fine workout nutrition supplement. I’d personally suggest sipping a little during your workout as well instead of using it all post-workout.

Thanks again, Chris.

Chris, if you’re still around: if I eat no carbs until around my workout, does it make sense to take a dose of IG3 in the am before breakfast? I imagine I’ll still get some benefits, so I had planned to, but would like to get your thoughts. Thanks again.

You would still get some benefits, but Indigo-3G needs some carbs to do its thing. As a nutrient partitioning agent, you gotta give it something to repartition, carbs being a big part of that, at least for muscle gain goals. The overall health benefits would still be there though.

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