If You are Thinking about doing the V-Diet

I am on day 27. It has been brutal for more than one reason (see below). I told everyone I know that if I break the diet, I have to eat a can of Alpo, video it, and post it on the internet. (Not my original idea) It helped. At last weigh in, I lost 20 lbs. total, and I may have put on some muscle, based on the way my delts look. I hope to be down by 25 total when I weigh in on day 28. Fingers crossed.

Here is why it sucked…
…My signifiacant other is semi-toxic. Always asking why I can’t just eat 2000 calories of regular food and lose weight slowly, and be less extreme.
…I am an airline pilot and spend more than half my time on the road. That makes lugging around milled flax and peanut butter that has to stay cold a real pain in the ass.
…I have a four month old daughter, and when I get home from wok my wife expects me to do literally everything for my little girl. I don’t mind, in fact I love doing it, but it leads to a very serious sleep deficit part of the time.
…My core sucks. The planks alone were making my sissy abs cramp up like a motherfucker.

Here is why I stayed with it…
…I am a fat son of a bitch. Started at 270. Been as high as 307 and as low as 198 in my adult life, and I am afraid that if I keep yo-yoing, it might kill me.
…I have a little girl to look after. She is the real reason I did it. I kept her picture taped on the cover of my exercise logbook.
…People treat you better in all areas of life if you are not fat. Sad, but true.

My advice if you are thinking of doing it…
…DO IT!!! To hell with moderation for 28 days. Fuck everything and everybody, be selfish, stay motivated and give yourself no chance to fail. All these tabloid diets that promise a pound a day of wt. loss are cheap imitators. This is the real thing, and it is magic.
…It is only 28 days. Unless you are a real puss, you can do anything for 28 days.
…Fight to keep every fucking pound (EFP) off. For whatever reason you do the diet, (more pussy, better pussy, to live better longer, whatever) it is all for nothing (or worse) if you don’t keep it off.

In closing just let me say…good night San Diego, go fuck yourself!

Spoken like a real man. Seal the deal my friend. I too have gone from 230 down to 180 now back up to 207. The heaviest I got was 215 like 10 years ago. But the jiggels have to go.

You should be proud of yourself. Inspiring quotes and no BS excuses.

Yeah, gaining it back truly sucks. Are you on the diet Flaco?

Well said…

[quote]cheetah wrote:
Fuck everything and everybody, be selfish, stay motivated and give yourself no chance to fail. [/quote]

this needs to be the fucking mantra of the V-Diet. i feel you bro, that’s exactly how i was. by day 21-22, anyone who dared question my diet was told to go fuck off and die. this diet changes you; you feel invincible.

i felt like rocky when he went to siberia to fight drago. you couldn’t fucking touch me when i got into my V-Diet groove.

Nicely put. Thanks for posting that, Cheetah.

Cheetah. damn. everything that needs to be said has already been said, just wanted to note that after reading that i feel just about ready to rip someones head off. I am going to read this again tomorrow just before my workout, and i am going to fucking kill it. thanks man.

So how’s life post “V”? How has your transition been? I’m half way there - today is day 14.

Glad you asked, my man. Been meaning to post the results and some thoughts, here goes.

Made the 28 days. It seemed to be easier near the middle, and it got pretty tough in the last week. I kept my can of motivational ALPO nearby. Plus, I kept telling myself, and my wife, that if I blew it now, with just days to go, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. So I manned up and stuck it out. It’s the last 2 or 3 days that you really need to focus…if it’s important to you to make the goal.

The raw numbers are a mixed bag of goodies. I wasn’t able to weigh myself on the same scale I was mostly using because I was on the road the last day. So I had to use a friends scale, which sucked. Kind of. I started at 270. His scale read 242. So not accounting for the different scale, 28 pounds of total weight loss. Then, the next day at home, got on my own scale and it read 250. This actually makes more sense, for a bunch of reasons. So I’m going to call it 20 pounds of total body weight loss, probably a little more than that of pure chubb. I know my body pretty well, and the way that my shoulders look indicate that I probably put on about 3 to 5 pounds of muscle. Not a lot, but if you account for that 3-5 lbs. (6-10 difference), it makes the fat loss look a little more impressive. What is totally cool is my belt size…went down 3 notches. Everything fits nice and loose. Very motivational to keep it off I say.

I took the measurements and some pictures at the beginning, but wasn’t able to at the end, which sucks. I’m sure that they would have been motivational too.

So here’s what I’m going though post VD. Because I have a problem with moderation, I was worried that if I transitioned to the 1 HSM per day two week period that I would fuck it up. My mind tends to play tricks on me at the weirdest times, sabotoging my efforts and therefore results. So I chose to go right into a cycle of a CKD, BodyOpus style. (I know Chris, I am a unique snowflake and special, to boot…) The main reason for this was because I know I can stick to that type of eating plan, it just comes naturally. I know it’s not the healthiest choice, but my main concern is not putting the weight back on. So I am just finishing up a cycle of a CKD, then I am going back to shakes and HSMs. I will deplete and start a healthy carb up tomorrow, then see what type of plan will most likely help me keep it off. I don’t know if anyone gives a shit, but if you want more details about the transition into a CKD or the eating/supplement plan I am using, ask and I’ll lay it out.

All in all, so glad I stuck with it. Not for weaklings or people with too little dieting experience, as the discipline it takes is insane. But it makes you stronger, better in a lot of ways. Fuck everything and everybody and their opinions for 28 days. Nobody is responsible for what you look and feel like but you. And it’s worth it.

Flaco, dude…past the halfway point. That’s important, and impressive. Stay on the path. You cannot have the option to fuck this up.

What do your numbers look like? Belt size? Other markers of weight loss? How is your mind right now?

Not to sound faggy but I’m proud of you. (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

Dude - you’re awesome. I really enjoy reading these posts because unless you are going through this, you really can’t understand. You removed all the excuses, peeled back all the layers of bullshit and just plowed right-the-fuck through.

I’m on day 15 right now. My wife is due to give birth to #3 any day now (due on 8/8). My last day is 8/10 so the longer she goes, the easier I know it will be. Especially since my mother in law has been cooking tons of food for us. Don’t get me wrong - her food is delicious but it’s as unhealthy as sin. I guess I’ll face that challenge when it gets here.

To make it easier I have “baggies” already made that get me through day 25. Maybe based on what you said I should make those last 3 days. Certainly couldn’t hurt.

I am thinking about following Alwyn Cosgrove’s Afterburn program after the 2 week transition is over. I bought it several months ago but never followed it. That’s been part of my problem - jumping from one program to the next. As Shug says “There will always be the next best thing”. Best to pick a plan, stick with it and then go from there.

That having been said - only 13 days left to go!

Flaco…you have to find a transition that will work for you and is doable. With the mother-in-law cooking up a storm, you have a major temptation. I don’t know about you, but when I actually accomplish something like the V-Diet, my brain starts telling me I deserve a reward. Truthfully, I deserve a kick in the ass for getting so fat, but the point is, with the new baby coming and Mom cooking, you have to make sure you didn’t go through this just to go backwards. I read the Afterburn program a while ago…I think my brother bought it…but I don’t remember the specifics. I think it would probably be a great transition if the eating part works for you.

Dude, your wife and kids are lucky to have a Dad who wants to be in shape and live healthy. Look around and you’ll see how fuckin rare that is. No excuses, stay with it man…

All good words of advice cheetah. Thanks. So true about feeling as if I deserve a “reward”. I read in one of Shugs’ Hammer posts about rationalization and I’ve done that far more times than I can remember. It’s like my brother in law. We’re great friends and we workout at the gym together, however we’re also drinking buddies.

We could power through a 30 pack of the High Life in no time flat. I told him that my goal is not to sit down and polish off a dozen beers on day 29 - that’s not what this is about. I’m striving for a full body transformation - a process that realistically may take me up to a year. Perhaps longer. I now realize that. This is the starting point and I don’t intend to turn back.

The 2nd re-education of Flaco has begun. My grandfather always said “It’s no burden to carry an education.”

Was thinking about the dangerous Mother-In-Law meals that await. During the transition I think my plan will be to have my HSM as either breakfast or lunch and then continue with the shakes for dinner. In a couple of weeks all the “tainted” food should be gone and I can cook whatever the fuck I want.

Strangely, my mother in law is very overweight and constantly talks about dieting - but she’s all over the place; Weight Watchers, South Beach, Cabbage Soup Diet. Plus she loves her wine. Don’t get me wrong - she is a wonderful woman (that’s just in case she ever reads this - lol) but toxic in her own right. Thank god I don’t live in a mother-daughter scenario or I’d be a big tub of shit.

Fuck everyone. This is all about me. Get real, get selfish (just for a while) and get on with it.

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