IF to V Diet Q


3yrs ago I was 66" 162 9% by 12 point caliper method. I was training local police, fire fighters, military guys, etc. and in sick shape. Living contract to contract got old so I went back to school and became a physiotherapist. When I graduated I was 66" 182 26% (I know, it was bad). I’ve used intermittant fasting and some of my old police training stuff to get down to 166 11-12% in exactly 6 months. I can’t seem to drop under 165 and I want to cut off about 5-8lb of fat. I’ve looked into the V Diet and have some qs:

1- It appears from the text in the v diet intro its for people who have much more weight to lose. I’m really trying to lose those last few lbs, is the v diet the way to go or should I continue IFing or consider another approach I havn’t considered?

2- Given that I’m used to going 16-18 hours on nothing but green tea, will having a protein shake every few hours be a good idea? I’m moderately concerned about insulin spikes and associated fat gain/loss of focus at work.


  1. The V-Diet was actually designed as a “fine tuning” method for those looking to break plateaus.

  2. There are no big insulin spikes with Metabolic Drive. They are low carb shakes (though eating anything causes a slight bump in insulin.) You’ll probably feel pretty full all day, but that’s not exactly a bad thing for a low-calorie, lower-carb fat-loss diet.


Thanks Chris, will be starting within the week!


You could still IF on the V-Diet. You will just have to have shakes more often or have bigger shakes within the window.

I have done it.


That’s a good idea. All my shakes in a 5-6 hour window could work.


There are some posts on a modified V-Diet with pulse fasting.
Here is one that comes to mind:

Not officially incorporated to the V-Diet plan, but something to read up on if you are interested. Depending on your goals and where you are at, it may be something you are interested in. I considered it when I was preparing to V-Diet, but I chose to go the traditional route mainly because I wanted to break the bad food habits and felt that 28 days of extreme discipline was going to do that.