If I Eat Immediately, am I Killing the Benefits?


I posted this on a T-Nation FB post and didn’t get a reply so I thought I’d post it here. Any help…?

I’ve been using it for 30 days and I notice zero difference, unfortunately (and I’d describe myself as someone who is probably a bit insulin resistant). When I finish the current bottle, I’m going to stick with a Finibar preworkout along with Plazma and then Plazma peri and Mag-10 post.
The only hiccup may be my supplementation routine… I wake up (ravenous) at 5 and immediately down indigo 3G (6 capsules). Then I eat a FiniBar and about 5 minutes later, I’m drinking 1/2 serving of Plazma. Then I hit the gym (garage) at 5:30. Perhaps I’m simply not giving indigo 3G enough time to work before eating the Finibar and Plazma?
Any advice Testosterone Nation? Thanks!

…so, that was my post. Given my ass crack of dawn routine, should I do anything different? Should I discontinue indigo-3G. Workouts are usually 1-1.25 hours.


Basically, yeah. They are still capsules that your body needs to start breaking down before it can get to work, which is why the recommended use is 30 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes before starting workout nutrition.

I’d discontinue those early morning workouts first. Ha! But yeah, training at crazy o’clock in the morning is always rough. I’d probably pop the Indigo ASAP and then start the Plazma as close to 5:30 as possible. That way the Indigo has time to get to work and you’re still having the Plazma. You’re not really getting the optimal nutrient load from the pre-workout serving, but it should be a decent compromise.

The other option would be to keep the pre-workout Finibar and Plazma like you have it now, and move the Indigo-3G to before the biggest meal that day instead. Again, not ideal, but not the worst way to use it (especially since that approach works well on off days anyway).

Also, a big thing would be to determine why you’re waking up so hungry. Maybe look to bump up the last meal of the day or hit a protein and fat meal right before bed to carry you through 'til morning. Even if you’re cutting, those should be pretty doable with some planning.


Next time I order, I’ll probably give Indigo-3g a try again at a carb heavy meal.
As for why I’m waking up so hungry. That’s how I’ve always been. Literally, always. My grandmother likes to tell a story of when I was a toddler and she’d keep me overnight that as soon as she heard me stirring in bed, she’d hop up and start cooking breakfast for me. By the time breakfast was ready I’d be coming out of the bedroom and hop up in my chair and we’d take turns shoveling food in my mouth. I’d be ravenous for a couple of minutes, barely chewing my food, and then I’d start to eat at a normal pace and relax. So, quite literally, I’ve always been incredibly hungry first thing in the morning.
Thanks, Chris!