IF During Transition Period?

I am now almost 3 weeks in to the Velocity Diet and I am considering how to approach the two week transition period back to solid food. I had success cutting last summer with a low carb/intermittent fasting approach. I would fast 1-2 days a week and go low carb the rest. Is it okay to introduce intermittent fasting into the two week transition period where we are beginning to eat HSMs daily?

The best way to approach the Transition period is the method suggested in the V-Diet.

My worry with IF in this application is that you’re going from a lower calorie diet to an even lower calorie plan. There’s a point where if you keep dropping calories you’ll just end up skinny-fat with a bad metabolism.

Plus, the goal after losing fat for most people is to gain muscle. IF for gaining muscle just doesn’t work no matter what the ebooks claim.

The only form of “fasting” I support is a Pulse Fast style plan. This is where you have a pulse of Mag-10 once every 2-3 hours then a healthy solid meal in the evening.

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