Ideal Time for One Daily Dose of Mag-10


If I am only taking one dose of Mag-10, when is the best time?

I have two thoughts:

  1. Take it an hour before training (with Micro-PA), plus Indigo and Plazma, and then 1-1.5 hours after training eat a solid whole food meal.

  2. Same protocol as above, except that the Mag-10 dose occurs an hour after the workout, followed by the meal an hour after the pulse.

Which is better? Is it worth only dosing Mag-10 once per day, or is Metabolic Drive better for that?



There’s never really a bad time for a Mag-10, it really depends on what your goals are with it. The most standard protocol is to have a Mag-10 within 30 minutes of finishing your workout, then your whole food meal 45-60 minutes after that.

If you’re taking Plazma, you do not need Mag-10. Plazma has you covered with muscle sparing carbs, as well as 15g of the same exact protein that Mag-10 is comprised of. Plazma is a good all-in-one.

This would be more ideal. Have your Micro-PA and Indigo, Plazma with training, then Mag-10 after training, and a whole food meal about an hour after that.


If I was only going to have one Mag-10 pulse per day, I’d go either first thing in the morning or last thing before bed, to either kickstart anabolism at the start of the day (with breakfast an hour or so after) or to maximize recovery during sleep (like the classic idea of throwing back a shake in the middle of the night, only “pre-loading” the nutrients before hitting the pillow).

Having Mag-10 right before or after training is great, but if your peri-workout nutrition is in place with Plazma before and during training, I’d spread out the Mag-10 to another time of day instead of “doubling down” at workout time.