I3G Window

The I3G label says take 30 minutes prior to starting workout supplementation. However I read on this forum that I3G is doing its thing for about 6 hours. This morning I had a bunch of carbs with breakfast around 9am. At 11 am I started my workout including two doses of Plazma, thus at 10:30 I took I3G but wouldn’t it have made more sense to take around 8:30 before breakfast? In this case it would have covered my carb heavy breakfast and workout supplementation. Maybe I’m overthinking this…

Just my thoughts based on previous forum conversations about this, if you’re eating at 9, and training at 11, maybe have your I3G the same time you did today, 30 min before training. If you were eating and then working out 30-60 minutes later, maybe before would make more sense. While 6 hours seems like the window that I3G is “doing it’s thing” in your blood, if you’re training 2.5-3 hours after you have it, I3G effects may have worn off by your post workout meal. It might be more effective to have it pre-training, then Plazma, and then your post workout meal, get the effects more around your workout window. Just my 2 cents!

[quote]sebbesen wrote:
However I read on this forum that I3G is doing its thing for about 6 hours.[/quote]
Yep, at least six hours is a solid window for the effects of Indigo-3G. So having it pre-breakfast, 8:30ish, is totally fine and will stick with you through your 11am workout. It’s actually what a lot of morning lifers will do. Indigo… then food… then peri-workout shake… then train.

Even you’re training balls out for two hours and then wait an hour to eat post-workout, you’re just barely approaching the 6-hour mark and are still good to go. No worries.