I3G and V-Diet


Theoretically If someone were doing the V-Diet with I3G, how would you time the I3G? I figured maybe a double dose of I3G along a with a double dose of Surge recovery peri workout and then just spread the remaining I3G before 2 other meals. Is this how you would do it?


Purely theory right now, but I’d probably take out Surge Recovery and add in Surge Workout Fuel. Pre- is better than post- when it comes to Indigo-3G and carbs timing.

The other times aren’t that big of a deal: take 12 a day spread apart fairly evenly, keeping 4 (maybe 6 capsules) for pre-workout.

I’d also increase the number of days per week the V-Dieters trained.


Thanks for the insight Chris!


Is this something you are thinking of doing, or is it purely a question out of curiousity?


Yeah this would seem to be probably the strongest possible body recomposition tool available. Indigo-3G + Velocity diet would be potent.

Willing to try :slight_smile:


hocky, mostly a question out of curiosity. I’m still thinking about how I’m going to focus my goals with the Indigo-3G. Im just thinking of different options for the most bodycomp changes along with the resources I have. So I’m going through a bunch of different scenarios so I have everything in place when I start Indigo-3G next week.