I-Well Light Bulb Moment - It Works!

So, I’ve been taking I-Well regularly, and just now my wife and I were explaining to our 5-year-old son how viruses, etc are spread because the both of them fell sick over the long weekend.

Then it hit me.

I’ve always been the one in the house that gets things the worst. Except this time.

The both of them had fever, congestion, sore throats… all of the fun stuff for a few days. Me? Well, I had a very minor sore throat for all of a morning.

Obviously anecdotal, and a first test, but just thought I’d share my aha moment.

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I quickly read this as “fell over sick” and I was like, holy crap that’s bad! Still, sorry to hear it made the rounds in the house. Definitely cool to hear that it helped.

Wondering if you took Curcumin and/or D separately beforehand? I take them both right now, so I’d probably drop them before starting I-Well myself.

Yeah, I was taking Curcumin regularly. I was pretty consistent with vitamin D too, but sometimes I’d slack on picking more up when a bottle ran out.

I love that everything is just in one supplement with I-Well.

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