I Want to Do this Program

I’m from Canada Ontario. I went to a few different nutrition stores to find Biotest products but unable to find anything. Is there any alternative products that I could use instead.?

Why can’t you order online

No. Other products will not work. Read V-Diet plan to find out why other proteins won’t work for example.

Many Canadians do the V-Diet; just check your local customs for rules and regs about HOT-ROX.

I’m in Ontario, too and got my supps online. They arrived in 4 days (including a weekend - Jan 27-31), and I just had to pay tax upon arrival. Thanfully, Biotest ships with FedEx so you don’t get nailed with heavy brokerage fees.

From what I’ve heard, HOT-ROX, Se7en and a few other supps don’t always (if ever) make it across the border. My MetabolicDrive, Flameout, Surge and Superfood got here no problem.

thank you all for your help, this may sound stupid. i need one more thing i only have dumbell block because i can not afford a gym membership and i noticed some of these exercises use other machines and equipments. does anyone know how to get similar workouts by using dumbell blocks.

You can make make exercise substitutions or just use your own training program. Just keep the general guidelines in mind, like short rest periods and no long-duration cardio.

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