I Want Absolute Best Possible Results


Hey Chris, or whoever.

I started the V-Diet for the first time on 6/10/12. I am on my 3rd day and second workout.

I am doing mostly Intermediate with a little bit of Beginner thrown in for the Leg workouts because my legs are my weak spot.

I want absolute best possible results and if i have to modify anything to get even better results i will. I am in a position where i can apply total dedication and commitment to this program. I am currently following this diet and training to the T. So with that said, i am currently at around 20% body fat and weigh roughly around 180lbs.

If i dont get extreem results from this, i will be beyond pissed. My goal is 8% body fat or lower period!. What should i do differently to make this happen. Will this program get me there with no alteration
? or will i have to continue a different training, diet after im done with the V-Diet? I am currently doing my NEPA at night religously. Should i change to first thing in the morning before a shake?

The reason why i am writing this thread is because i noticed some people on this forum who are V-Diet Veterans and are modifying it a little. Money is not an issue for me so if i have to purchase something else its no problem. Just dont hold anything back from me. I do not have complete faith in an all liquid diet to get me the results im looking for.


  1. You probably don’t know your actual body fat percentage. 2. You will not drop below 10% in 4 weeks if you’re in the 20’s now.

If you don’t have faith in the plan, then why did you start it?

You’re totally setting yourself up for failure. 1. You want to change a plan you’ve only been on for 3 days. 2. You have unrealistic expectations. 3. You don’t believe in it.

The V-Diet can be a jump-start on your goals, and most people drop fat at 3 times the rate as any other diet. But I have a feeling you won’t be happy with that even. But in my 13 years of doing this, those with your attitude – I want it it all NOW, I don’t trust anything, I’ll do ANYTHING…except the plan as prescribed – are the very type who do too much too soon - burning bright and hot, then burning out very quickly.

Determination is a steady, controlled burn, not a sudden explosion that burns white hot then burns out just as quickly.

Do this: follow the plan as written. Lose a lot of fat really fast, then continue toward your goals with a good diet and training plan after this rapid jumpstart on fat loss and bad habit removal. Finish this plan, then we’ll work on what’s next to continue your progress.