I thought I knew, but

…I had NO idea. I never knew how much food dominated my everyday life until I started this diet. Tomorrow is day eight, so I’m getting ready to weigh in and take my measurements tomorrow morning.

While I’m doing very well on the diet and will surely see it through to the end, I’m almost shocked to find out how much of an addiction food is for me. I’m pretty much hungry all the time on this diet and I’m realizing that my daily caloric intake before I started must have been other-wordly.

I knew that I loved to eat, but Christ, I feel like I’m dealing with the loss of a limb or something. I hope the hunger and cravings subside, or it’s gonna’ be a LONG three weeks. Cheers!

I’m almost three weeks in, and I’m sure you’ll be shocked at how well this diet can change your eating habits. My mind has been racing with thinking up all of these healthy recipe’s for when I’m off the diet.

Also, when I’m at work I’m getting tons of NEPA and just from burning calories, I get hungry inbetween shakes. I usually have a couple of fiber tabs with a full bottle of water, or sometimes I’ll put some crystal light in. Usually holds me over for about an hour.

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